Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ambush Alley: Sneak Peek at 15mm GZG Brazilians in Hard Armor

Ambush Alley Games is showing off the latest figures from Ground Zero Games for their Tomorrow's War universe:

Psst . . . here's a sneak peak of Brazilian line troops in the hard armor whose unique optic suite has earned them the nick name of "Cyclops" or simply "Clops."

Brazilian Riflemen in Hard Armor:

Brazilian SAW Gunners:

Brazilian Troops w/Support Weapons (Assault Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle):

Coming soon to the AAG store for US/Canadian customers and the GZG store for everyone else!



Monday, 25 August 2014

Kickstarter: The Yan'drassi Invasion - New 15mm Scifi Alien Force

Pledge today here:

Our very own Eli from Loud Ninja Games is at it again with another great Kickstarter,  The Yan'drassi Invasion!

A great looking concept and very cool miniatures designs, here is what Loud Ninja Games had to say:
A new 15mm science fiction miniatures range depicting and alien force made up of several distinct species.

The Yan'drassi in an interstellar empire made up of dozens of species presided over by the enigmatic and unseen, Yan. While most of these species contribute to the collective through economic means, several species make their contribution through military service.
This project is designed to bring that fighting force to the table. The bulk of the military is made up of the diminutive Neeks and the martial Tavshar. These aliens will form the core of the Kickstarter as well. Stretch goals will introduce the brutish Horgosi and other aspects of the Yan'drassi military. 
I've pledge already and the stretch goals planned look great too. Go check it out!

Preview: Introducing "El Diablo" - 15mm Scale APC from Coolhand Customs [Shapeways]

Check out this awesome upcoming 15mm vehicle from Steve at Coolhand Customs:  (also, make sure to check out his Shapeways shop for some great starship and other miniatures!)

Hello all, soon I hope to have the long awaited 15mm version of El Diablo available on Shapeways!

 This miniature has been in development for a whopping THREE YEARS, a 6mm version is presently available on Shapeways.  Speaking of which, Shapeways have introduced a great tool for confirming the models printability which is going to save a lot of time checking the complicated geometry. It comprises a system which breaks the model down to print layers and reconstructs the model for analysis purposes - if you look closely it adds a roughness that wont exist on the model which is sent to the printer. 

Print failures are the bane of a shapeways creators life, costing sales and wasting time, once everything on a model is green, we should be good to go.:)

note the rougher texture, this is an analytical model, the system reconstructs the uploaded model in a way that it can digest and check for thickness issues.
 A unique feature of this model is the working, poseable suspension and steering, each wheelset has fully independent, double wishbone suspension and ackermann steering, hit the play button for a demo of the movement range.  

This system allows for off road with great ground clearance, or a low riding, ground hugging high speed highway setup - this setup is best with the additonal aero armor (as pictured at the top of the post), which gives it a mean and exotic look. 

The (hopefully) working suspension system, just a few issues - this is working out pretty great so far! 
be sure to check out my store on shapeways, all sales help fund this and other projects!
 Direct links to the 6mm versions presently available (Thanks Gavin):
 Order in Ultra Detail or Frosted Ultra Detail for best results!

UPDATE: Here is a video showing the suspension

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Getting a Little More Wasted

New Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Miniatures From

HOF20 Post Apocalyptic Warriors II

HOF21 Post Apocalyptic Assault

The above two packs are now added to the range of post-apocalyptic miniatures offered by Expanding on the theme of ragged, warrior survivalists, these miniatures depict shabbily clad humans in various sorts of head gear wielding rifles, pistols and blades. They are not overly encumbered and are kept just general enough that they could be inserted into a number of possible settings from their intended use to raiders of the space ways or even urban savages. 

Read more - HERE

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sale from Rebel Minis, RavenstarStudios, and ZombieSmith

Hello, JBR, here.  Yup, I'm an occasional junior editor, here, at the Mighty DH.
My humble thanks to Harold and Eli for bringing me in.

On to the news:  Rebel Minis, RavenstarStudios, and Zombiesmith are all having an End of Summer sale.

 20% off at, using the code "nocons" at checkout.
Sale is until the 31st of August.
For more details, check out Rebel's blog, at Rebelminis.Blogspot.Com


25% off at RavestarStudios until the 30th of August.
You can see Chris's offerings, including his 15mm LandCore and Horrid product line, at his blog, RavenstarStudios.

You can also email Chris at for price lists, pics, and to place an order.

Edit to Add:


ZombieSmith is also having a Summer Sale.  Thus, by extension, you can also save on their partner offerings from Flytrap Factory, as well as some tasty 15mm Quar.

15% percent off everything in the store. Use code: "summer" on checkout
Sale is completed at the end of next week (presumably Sunday, the 31st of August).


Full Disclosure:  I've done extensive freelance work for Rebel, and sculpted the Cold Navy product line that Ravenstar sells.  Just so you know.  ;)

Ion Age Quick Update

The Ion Age has released its wonderful new Geo Shelters. These are nice, small habitats structures for your temporary or semi-permanent colony needs. For more information, read - HERE