Wednesday, 13 July 2016

ClearHorizon Miniatures Covert Ops K9 Operative

Coming Soon from ClearHorizon Miniatures, a new 15mm Covert Ops pack, the Covert Ops K9 operative.

Pack contains the handler and two cyber-K9s...

Sculpted by Anton Ducrot

Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Ion Age - Afara Strider 15mm mecha early supporter offers now live!

The Afara mecha is now here. Great for any 15mm sci-fi system. What a reaction to the concept art and story of our first 15mm mecha kit from the start of this week! If you missed it on our blog and want to see the diagram page full size please go HERE to read it and download the image. From now until Monday 25th July we at The Ion Age are delighted to have Early Supporter Offers on the Afara with all orders containing one or more of these codes being shipped out worldwide once the offer period ends. Place as many orders as you like and remember every order earns Reward Points on your account with our website plus a free IMP35 Cybernetic Retained Knight miniature worth 0.60GBP. Existing customers who have been storing up their Reward Points CAN use them for discounts upon their early supporter orders for even bigger savings. Excellent! 

Go to our Early Supporters Page now or read on for details here.

What is the Afara Strider?
The Afara is our first 15mm mecha and it is a light mecha cast entirely in high quality grey tone resin and supplied in kit form. These kits are easy to assemble from eight or nine pieces with a high degree of posing due to the sockets into which feet, legs and arms fit. Once assembled the Afara stands approx 55mm in height or about three times our typical human sized miniature. There are three variants under the code IAF128 each with its own battlefield role from troop support to anti-armour and close combat. Here is the release information on the codes:

IAF128A Afara Strider 26WA 
One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider armed with a Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannon arm and Anda 60mm Missile shoulder pod.

IAF128B Afara Strider 26WC 
One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider equipped for close combat with an Octa Sword, separate Shield and Anda 60mm Missile shoulder pod.

IAF128C Afara Strider 26WB 
One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider armed with a Bodkin Howitzer arm and Hermit 50mm Grenade Launcher shoulder pod.

What are the Early Supporter Offers?
We have several offers for you that all give you a saving off the above release prices which will be online after the 25th of June 2016. Here are the offers:

Single Strider
Purchase any single IAF128 Afara Strider and save 10% off release price! 9.00GBP per kit

Trio of Striders
Purchase the set of three different IAF128 Afara Striders and save 15% off release price! 
25.50GBP (release price 30.00GBP)

Strider Bumper Box
Purchase the Bumper Box and get the following: Three of each of the three Afara variants saving 15% off each, an additional random Afara for just 3.50GBP and this bundle is free worldwide shipping automatically. Fantastic value. 80.00GBP (release price 100.00GBP)

Where does this new model fit in The Ion Age?
During games of Patrol Angis there are vehicles deployed using the Callsign Taranis expansion book. Walking vehicles such as the Afara Strider are included in the rules with stats for play in the book too. In vehicle only platoons of three striders they are deployed as light or medium vehicles in opposition to Espaten Portable Weapon platforms or Adder Combat Carsand Lifters. They can take on a Mullo armoured fighting vehicle but they are no match for the mighty Taranis main battle tank. Afara's in the field supported by lances of Retained Knightscan deal with some serious odds such as the Canlastrian encroachment on the Everian Temple on Gatsby III during the Prydian Army's liberation of the planet. With its great mobility and moderate firepower the Afara is a welcome addition to any force. 

Go HERE for the Early Supporter Offers

We hope you enjoy these offers and that our entry into the next category of 15mm scale vehicles can be a part of your 15mm science fiction wargaming collection. Here are some two scale images for you and remember you can ask any question you like by sending it and we will do our best to answer it.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Ion Age - War Mecha of Prydia – The Afara Strider

Hey all,

There is an amazing new development in The Ion Age. I have to admit I would have never seen this coming, but the addition of giant stompy robots is by no means an unwelcome twist. I've long been a fan of mecha and other robot machines and these new machines from The Ion Age fit into the universe while indulging that mecha itch.

Reach more below to get the official introduction to these new mechanical monsters.


“During his work on the Taranis main battle tank hulls chief engineer and guild master Ulus McTear allied himself with an up and coming younger woman who had come to work at the Targa work complexes on New Glastonbury. Sally Bragan perfected the technology that would become known as the Bragan Memetic Neural Linkage system and this gained her entry into the same guild as McTear. While arguing over the finer installation diagrams for the Bragan system, Ulus McTear had an idea that would give the armies of Prydia two new classes of war machine; the War Mecha and the Striders. The ancient files from the Resource Wars of old Earth made mention of vehicles that walked on two legs and carried the fire power of the largest ground travelling war machines. The GroatVey MkX HeavyIon Reasc Fusion Reactor had the power needed for a body frame some twenty to twenty five feet in height and by coupling them in pairs the reactors could also motivate a body frame over one hundred feet tall. Revan Koore had perfected a gyroscope which would give balance and with Bragan's, linkage a pilot would be able to make his or her giant body respond to thought and become an extension of their own selves. It took all the resources that the Targa works could provide and more than a year when with great fanfare the first Afara type Strider walked out of the fabricator yard on its own feet.

The Afara comes in three primary variants and these are the 26WA which has a centrally mounted Hermit 50mm Auto-Grenade Launcher as well as a Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannon on its arm while its other arm has a gauntlet for close combat and more delicate work. The 26WB which has a Anda 60mm Missile Pod and an Angis 25mm AP Cannon and the 26WC boasts a 'Bladesman' load out with an Anda 60mm Missile Pod plus an Octa Powered Sword and a Shield. The Strider has a similarity to the Duxis Battlesuit in its form it and it is a match for any light vehicle such as an Adder Combat Car and also some medium vehicles. Since 4308 IC the Alfara has been in use by the Prydian Army and also the rebel leagues. Refer to other Auto-Trainer data swipes for additional technical and specialised information. Restrictions for placement of pilots and training remain in effect as per Royal Decree in 4330 IC.”

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 58, New Glastonbury, 4334 IC 

If you enjoyed the image at the top of this post please click on the one above for it full size so you can read all of the text. Excellent! This page fits in neatly with the Diagram Series pages for the Taranis super heavy main battle tanks which are to be found in the new Callsign Taranis expansion for Patrol Angis. You can find the game rules and statistics for the Afara in the Callsign Taranis book.

The Ion Age will enter the realm of mecha on Friday 8th of July with offers on the fantastic Afara Strider! Yes. The concept art in this article is a real 15mm scale model which will be on our website then with some great early supporter offers lasting a couple of weeks before global shipping on all orders containing them. For just now we wanted to show you the design and to tell you that it is coming real soon. Three variants and produced in high quality grey tone resin just like our other 15mm vehicles which you can see for the Prydian PrecinctHERE.

We hope you like our first mecha designed by Sam Croes. I know I do!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Ion Age - IMP35 Cybernetic Retained Knight free miniature for July 2016!

It is the nature of war that injury and death occur while on campaign and while an honourable retirement is offered to every man or woman harmed defending the Precinct some do not choose to leave the oath they took to the Code Gallant. Those, often badly injured, who make the choice to return to their regiment are offered the means to do so in their treatment. While 'Rederm' can repair the skin and flesh leaving in most cases no sign that injury ever occurred this is not the case for lost limbs or the most serious of injuries. Cybernetic limbs and casings which once fitted and slaved to the nervous system give a performance equal to or exceeding natural limbs are given instead. There are different styles available from indistinguishable from natural to purely mechanical. Those who see regular active campaigning often opt for the mechanical due to its superior durability and de marking a true veteran. 

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 26, New Glastonbury, 4326IC

June was a massive month at The Ion Age with the release of Callsign Taranis the expansion of Patrol Angis our 15mm wargame rules system. July is now here and this month we have a man who was badly injured in the service of Prydia but returned to the front line as well as some big lads as walking re-enforcements for your collection in the form of an Early Supporter Offer too. More on that soon. Allow me to present to you IMP35 Cybernetic Retained Knight. It is July 2016's free 15mm miniature of the month all month. This miniature is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. It will be one of the twelve in the 'Year Three Collection' next month.

Wearing specially modified Alwite powered armour this character has returned to his duty as a knight despite having one of his legs, one of his arms and half of his head replaced with cybernetic parts. Holding a Carnwennan mini-mine pistol he would make a fine officer or notable character in your Prydian Army, Marcher Baron or Condot forces. This miniature is in one piece and stands approx 17mm tall. We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that. Go HERE. There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. Enjoy looking at them and go HERE

We ask you to sign up for a website account with us on your first order. Why? For one reason only. Not to send you emails (we never will. If you want our emails sign up for our Mailchimp list on the right top of the blog) or to pester you; but only to keep track of the Reward Points that all orders with us earn. Reward Points through our online partner Sloyalty which can be used once accumulated to get discounts or free stuff at any point in the future. Learn more about this HERE. Every order earns Reward Points! Yes free extra value. Part of our promise to keep the fun in wargaming.

This is our first article of the month and other events, releases, ideas and wargaming fun will occur across the month. If you are looking at this article later on then please go to our blog or website and see what we have done since.

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Callsign Taranis now on general release!

Welcome to our last news and release of the month! The brand new expansion book for Patrol Angis our 15mm wargame system is now on general release at The Ion Age. Callsign Taranis which introduces all types of vehicles along with larger scope games and much more is now on our website. Our thanks to all those who took up the pre-order offers on the book and every one of those orders is now well on its way to you across the whole world. If you want to see the new book along with the core book and the game set plus the two book bundle with a saving go HERE or read on for more. 

Callsign Taranis (A4 Book) 12.00GBP. Go HERE.
15mm Expansion Rules set in The Ion Age.

Welcome to the Expansion of the One Hour Tabletop Wargame Patrol Angis. Wargame expansion rules for use with 15mm miniatures and models from An enjoyable playing experience set in a space opera setting unlike any other. Patrol Angis is a skirmish level wargame and with Callsign Taranis you can move from the low intensity infantry focused warfare of the core game which was your starting point in this universe to something a bit larger and multi faceted too. Make use of vehicles from the humble Adder to the supporting Mullo and of course the mighty Taranis super heavy main battle tank. Introduce flying vehicles, hurwent energy shields, buildings, drones and mecha too. Play solo or with two or more players with games featuring one Platoon (22 Miniatures or several vehicles) a side up to four or even six Platoons a side (100 or more miniatures or a dozen vehicles) with smaller games taking less than an hour to play out. In Callsign Taranis you still choose to play as either the Prydian Army or in the employ of Canlaster or Yordan or any number of lesser rebel Marcher Barons all vying for the throne. This includes playing as a “Conda” or professional mercenary too for any side. Callsign Taranis contains all the rules you need to make use of vehicles and structures in other titles in the series. 


In this book you will find the expansion rules covering the use of Vehicles in play as well as Structures and other bolt on mechanics. There are also game statistics for the vehicles of the Prydian Civil War and additional skills, equipment and items for your troops. Following on from Patrol Angis is part two of the Prydian Civil War background. Also in this book is the Support Phase and the Between Games development of your forces. Rules for how to play larger games of Patrol Angis and how to generate random terrain. A bolt on section for Building your Forces with Vehicle and Mixed platoons. This and more all in a packed sixty four pages! 

If you are not aware of our Patrol Angis game system then you need to check out the core book which you can do on our website HERE. It also has a game pack which gives you the book plus two sides in miniature and a unique Knight Errant too all with a saving. Lastly we now have a two book bundle which saves you 10%. Here they are: 

IAB01 Patrol Angis Game Book (68pp) A4 Format. 12.00GBP

IAB01B Patrol Angis Game Pack (Book plus Miniatures and Bases + Unique Miniature)
48.60GBP save more than 15% = 40.00GBP
IAB01BP Patrol Angis Game Pack (Pro—Painted and Based)
90.00GBP save 15% = 76.50GBP

IABB Patrol Angis AND Callsign Taranis (both books)
24.00GBP save 10% = 21.60GBP

There are a good number of free files which you can download from our 15mm Publications page on the website for the game. Go HERE.

On more Worlds than the Arks ever saw!
Its so good you will wear out your jaw!
Its the taste that gives you the finest feeling!
Stop on by for a Smile and some good taste meal eating!
We love to fill you up so...look no further than Happy Burger!

We give a free miniature in every order placed and this miniature changes each month. Currently it is IMP34 Happyburger Clownbot and you have until the last day of June to get it free in your order before it is replaced with the next miniature in July. Go HERE or get full details about this fantastic and creepy robot HERE on our blog. 

This is the last release for The Ion Age for the month.

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Friday, 10 June 2016

Callsign Taranis pre-order offers and bundle now live!

In Callsign Taranis you will find the expansion rules covering the use of Vehicles in play as well as Structures and other bolt on mechanics. There are also game statistics for the vehicles of the Prydian Civil War and additional skills, equipment and items for your troops. Following on from Patrol Angis is part two of the Prydian Civil War background. Also in this book is the Support Phase and the Between Games development of your forces. Rules for how to play larger games of Patrol Angis and how to generate random terrain. A bolt on section for Building your Forces with Vehicle and Mixed platoons. This and more all in a packed sixty four pages! 15mm Wargaming!

The time is here! The awaited expansion to Patrol Angis has arrived! Time to get your pre-orders in for the expansion to Patrol Angis which brings in the big guns, the bigger games, the vehicles, the structures and much more. A selection of offers saving you 15% as well as some extra items too. The offers run from now until Monday 20th June at which time they will end at about 9am GMT. The offers apply to not only the new book but also the new larger format version of Patrol Angis plus the game pack and also a two book bundle. All the bases are covered! Go HERE or read on.

There is a lot in the new book so if you would like to read all about it and see example pages please visit an article on our blog HERE

Here are the items in the Early Supporter Offers:

IAB01 Patrol Angis Game Book (68pp) A4 Format.
12.00GBP save 15% = 10.20GBP

IAB01B Patrol Angis Game Pack (Book plus Miniatures and Bases + Unique Miniature)
40.00GBP save 15% = 34.00GBP

IAB01BP Patrol Angis Game Pack (Pro—Painted and Based)
90.00GBP save 15% = 76.50GBP

IAB02 Callsign Taranis Expansion Book (68pp) A4 Format
12.00GBP save 15% = 10.20GBP

IABB Patrol Angis AND Callsign Taranis (both books)
24.00GBP save 15% = 20.40GBP plus 250 Additional Reward Points on your account!

Go HERE. Remember there are links to download free files on our 15mm Publications page if you would like to know more.

Information Burst!

Every order placed during the Early Supporter period which contains one or more of the promoted special price items will ship out worldwide during the week commencing 20th July 2016. Your orders will be mark fulfilled and packed waiting to send before this. Any orders which DO NOT contain these items will ship out worldwide as normal after being fulfilled. The 15% discount is already applied to the promoted items and is on the screen you need do nothing more than place them in your cart. If you order the two book bundle you will get an additional 250 Reward Points which we will manually add to your Sloyalty total with us when your order is fulfilled but before dispatch meaning you can use these points (which are IN ADDITION to those earned on the qualifying order) almost right away. Every order placed as usual gains Reward Points and will be supplied with one casting of the monthly free miniature (worth 0.60GBP) which is currently the IMP34 Happyburger Clownbot. You can learn more about this bot HERE.

Thanks for reading and for supporting my new book.