Monday, 2 May 2016

Brigade Models - Neo-Sov Conscripts

As mentioned before Salute, our 15mm Neo-Soviet forces are gaining several new packs of conscript infantry. There are four packs altogether – infantry (9 figures – six riflemen, squad leader, rocket launcher and LMG), support weapons (8 figures – 2-man missile squad, two 2-man gatling teams, plasma gun and sniper) and command (6 figures including a splendidly-hatted Kommissar and a comms specialist with satellite backpack). The final pack is a 32-man platoon which consists of two infantry and one of each of the other packs.

SF15-1264 – Conscript Infantry (x9) – £3.50
SF15-1265 – Conscript Support Weapons (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1266 – Conscript Command (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1270 – Conscript Rifle Platoon – £11.00

Sculpted by Martin Baker, these figures were originally owned by ArmiesArmy but as far as we know have not been previously released.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

IMP33 Planetary Militia female officer free miniature for May 2016!

Across the entire Prydian Precinct there are Planetary Militias otherwise known as Planetary Defence Forces. Each of these forces its own local designation and name but every one of them is known to the precinct as a whole by their home planet and numerical designation in the case that the star system has more than one inhabited world. Their primary role and in most cases only role is to defend their world against invasion and occupation. This they must sometimes do alone or more often with the bolstering aid of Muster and or Retained Knights from the controlling interest of that world; a Marcher Baron or the Prydian Army. Planetary forces owe their loyalty to the Marcher Baron who controls that world. In terms of numerical size the largest Planetary Militias number in the hundreds of millions on worlds such as Yordan Prime down to the smallest which number only in the dozens on foundling colonies. There is an emphasis among intra atmosphere defence forces on armour and equipment that has the smallest amount of maintenance and requires minimal training. As a result they make up for in numbers what they lack in skill against superior forces. Ease of use wins out over higher effectiveness. Often armaments are purchased or fabricated on mass by the Prydian Army or the local Marcher Baron and are based on the widely used Moth and Anvil families of weapons with additional simpler systems. Mark III Aketon non powered armour (a lower cost version of Muster Aketon MkIV armour) is the typical protection for defence forces with adaptations to local environmental conditions. These range from the closed helm and breather systems of the massive Bosworth ark cities to the bare headed and thin plates of an agri-world for standard Aketon to Cold Climes that are deployed in frozen conditions and Hot Climes in desert conditions. There are also localised space equipped troopers who protect off world outposts and moon bases. See other training series for information on Planetary Militia platoon structure, Steornede Battlesuits, Amber Portable Weapon Platforms, Amber Quad Bikes, Grima Robot Troopers and Magog GNATS. Training series searches for Colabreta and Hazelwurm along with Verticopters will provide vehicle information. All banner command level soldiers and knights must have operation knowledge of local system Planetary Militias. 

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 26, New Glastonbury, 4326IC

Welcome to May at The Ion Age. Didn't April just shoot by in a bolt of azure energy eh! Well this month we have one central thing to is Callsign Taranis time! That is correct this month will see a pre-order offer on the expansion title to Patrol Angis bringing in not only rules for vehicles and stuctures and more but also the second part of the story of the Prydian Civil War! There will be more on this in the coming week as well as some early looks at items from the book and more news too. Look out for these blog articles. For the moment we are all about IMP33 Planetary Militia Female Officer our free female miniature placed in every order during April. 

IMP33 Planetary Militia Female Officer 
For the whole of May 2016 this 15mm scale Human female officer is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. Dressed in standard PM uniform with a beret and armed with a Tumbler Mpi she is a character miniature for any sci-fi setting. The miniature is one piece in white metal and stands approx 16mm tall.

Of course you earn reward points on all orders too through your account. We realise that some of you may wish to purchase the currently free miniature to get multiples of it without placing a lot of orders so you can do just that. Visit this page on the website for the miniature at a fair price for a special miniature. There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. Enjoy and go HERE

The Planetary Militia are a full force in the 15mm range of The Ion Age. They have packs of infantry and command along with battlesuits and light vehicles plus portable weapon platforms. There is also a whole platoon which includes a unique sniper miniature for free. You can see all of them on the website in this selective search HERE and HERE for vehicles. Plus discounts on two of those codes the Steornede Battlesuits both variants. 

Go Planetary Militia for your near future or space opera games!

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Ion Age - 25% off Adder Combat Lifters this weekend!

The Ion Age has offer on some 15mm science fiction vehicles. Valid until the month switches over early hours of the 1st May.  The hover, floating variants of the Adder Combat Lifter series of vehicles.  An offer of 25% off on each code.  Go HERE

A detailed account of the origins and design of the Adder series of Combat Cars can be found elsewhere in the database (link).  However not all the Adders taken from the ancient military designs were of a wheeled variety there were others too.  In some campaigns the Muster required light vehicles that could traverse ground that wheeled and tracked designs could not.  While repulsar technology was available its relative expense compared to more primitive lifter technology for hover propulsion made the production of a huge number of Adder Combat Lifters the feasible choice for equipping the Prydian Army.  Worlds with a lot of water and swamps and also urban zones with broken ground were ideal for these vehicles.   They could carry a four man fire-team or they could act in a support role with mounted weapons in the same range as those used by crewed weapons or battlesuits.  A modular hull meant that often only the turret and some internal systems had to be changed over to create a new model in the series.  

Adder Combat Lifters come in many types within the series.  With an average weight of just over seven tons and roughly seventeen feet in length that Adder is not as resilient a vehicle as the Mullo used by the Retained but its easier to maintain.  A colour coding system is in use to make Adders easy to assign to Regiments (and indeed the Marcher Barons use the same system) and to allow Muster who can sometimes not be as used to war as a Retained Knight a simple recognition method.  The Red Adder is the standard Combat Lifter with space for four and mounting a turret with a Moth 88 Rotary Cannon.  The Yellow Adder is  the fire support lifter and has two crew along with a turret with an Anda 60mm Missile Pod.  The Black Adder acts as an armoured punch giving the Muster the ability to knock out battlesuits and other smaller tough targets with two crew and a turret mounted Fretan Rail Gun.  Less common is the Orange Adder which is infantry support mounting a specialised turret with a Moth 30 automatic 50mm Grenade Launcher which is a recent introduction to the series.  Others in the Adder lifter series include the Green Adder which is a command and control at the battalion level and the White Adder for medical teams and battlefield triage.  The 'Battle Taxi' type Grey Adder is heavily modified and can carry two fire-teams or a whole squad at a real squeeze.  There are also some very specialised Adders too for purposes such as Blue Adder, the Brown Adder and the Purple Adder.  Every Muster Regiment is in possession of hundreds of Adders across the spectrum for all its roles and since they are so easy to fabricate and to maintain they are making a real impact in the ongoing Civil War and in the Camarthen Star System too.

An offer on some of our smaller sized 15mm science fiction vehicles.  The hover, floating variants of the Adder Combat Lifter series of vehicles.  An offer of 25% off on each code.  Choose exactly what you want in your order. The Adder is the standard light combat lifter used by the Muster in the Ion Age.  Go HERE  Adders come in colour defined variants:

IAF036A Red Adder Combat Lifter (Mini-Gun Turret)
IAF036B Yellow Adder Fire Support Lifter (Missile Pod Turret) 
IAF036C Black Adder Punch Lifter (Rail Gun Turret) 
IAF036D Orange Adder Combat Lifter (Hermit Grenade Turret)
IAF036E Green Adder Control Lifter (Comms and Command)
IAF038 Smashed Adder Lifter (Hover Destroyed Vehicle) 

This Weekend only 3.00GBP save 25% off 4.00GBP normal price.  Valid until the month changes over early on 1st May 2016. Every order placed gets the IMP32 Hand of the Duxis miniature (worth 0.60GBP) included free automatically.  You also get your Reward Points for having an account with us and you can use your points for a discount off these already reduced prices.  

If you missed our releases for April 2016 you can see them HERE the Shia Khan Legion platoon pack and the new Legionary Command Tesseran.

The Adder Combat Lifters are resin and white metal vehicle kits which require a small amount of assembly.  They have a single piece highly detailed body in resin and a separate turret in resin which if required comes with a white metal weapon to mount and or white metal hatch covers.  The smashed adder is a one piece resin casting.   Excellent value and useful for just about any 15mm science fiction wargame from the present day to near future and space opera too.   An Adder Lifter kit once assembled is approx 60mm long, 30mm wide and about 25mm tall.  Typically only two or three pieces which are very easy to assemble.  The Smashed Adder Lifter is approx 70mm long and 40mm wide in one piece of resin.  It can be used in your games as a terrain marker, a scenario objective or a casualty of an Adder in play.

We think that the Adder Combat Lifters are great light vehicles and we hope that you do too. Excellent Value and very useful.  Thank you for your support of all of us here at The Ion Age in allowing us to pursue our dream of a space opera future that is wholly its own.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Brigade Models Keeps us Rolling With New Vehicles

New releases keep rolling from Brigade Models. Continuing on with more 15mm science fiction goodness they bring some excellent new vehicles.

But, don't take my word for here. Here is Brigade Models' own presentation...

Following hard on the heels of Friday’s new 15mm Fasolini figures, we stay in the same scale but get a bit heavier in terms of hardware today.

Most powerful of all is the Henschel Pz266 Eisenfaust (Iron Fist) laser tank, a large blower tank equipped with a heavy turreted laser and a secondary autocannon in a ball mount on the glacis plate. It’s protected by a sandwich of sapphire and alloy armour, with an explosive close-in defence belt around the hull.

Much bigger and bulkier is the Schützenpanzer Pz441 platoon carrier, also manufactured by Henschel. Known as the Kastenwagen (Box Van) by the troops that use it, the Pz441 carries a full platoon of 24 infantry in its capacious rear compartment. Access is via two large side doors which drop down to form ramps and allow the infantry to disembark very rapidly (possibly because they would be sitting ducks if they remained in the now open troop compartment !). Armament consists of the same autocannon as the Eisenfaust, mounted on the roof of the driver’s cab.

Our final model for today is the Gamelin wheeled tank used by EuroFed rapid reaction forces to provide armoured support to the lighter Catroux AFVs. Armour is lighter than a conventional tank, but it still packs a hefty punch.

HS15-311 – Henschel Pz266 ‘Eisenfaust’ Laser Tank – £10.00
HS15-312 – Henschel Pz441 ‘Kastenwagen’ Platoon APC – £9.00
SF15-407 – Gamelin Wheeled Tank – £8.00

Friday, 22 April 2016

New Stuff Rolls Out From Brigade Models

The folks at Brigade Models have some new stuff to share and here they are, in their own words...

After the rigours of Salute, we’ve had a relatively relaxed week – the workshop has been restored to some semblance of organisation (as much as it ever is !), all outstanding orders have been shipped out and the backlog of emails and other missives dealt with.

Today we’re adding the first of the Salute releases to the website. These are the Fasolini models and figures to make up another Hammer’s Slammers-themed force. There are two complete detachment packs that match thelists on the HS website, two tracked guns and six packs of figures.


HS15-401 – Fasolini Company Detachment – £43.00
HS15-402 – Fasolini Support Detachment – £24.00
HS15-416 – Oto Melara Single Autocannon – £5.00
HS15-416a – Oto Melara Quad Autocannon -£5.00
HS15-460 – Fasolini Infantry (x8) – £3.00
HS15-461 – Fasolini Rocket launchers (x4) – £1.50
HS15-462 – Fasolini Command (x4) – £1.50
HS15-463 – Fasolini MG teams (x2) – £3.00
HS15-464 – Fasolini Mortar Teams (x2) – £2.25
HS15-465 – Fasolini Gun Crew (x6) – £2.25

More new items will follow over the next couple of weeks including further 15mm releases (vehicles and figures), the 2mm warehouses and 6mm buildings.

For full information on Brigade Games and all their excellent products, feel free to visit their site - HERE 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Laser-cut Buildings from The Scene

The Scene has released a range of 15mm city-scape buildings. These detailed kits, laser cut from MDF are part of a new modular building system and include store fronts, two office blocks and extra floors. They are stackable and you can add as many floors as you like. Prices start at 2.75 GBP.

You can find The Scene on Facebook at -

For more details on these buildings and the rest of the fine products from The Scene, check out there website - HERE