Tuesday, 22 April 2014

PREVIEW TO THE MASSES: Flytrap Factory Flouts Fancy Fantastical Fighters on Facebook

By Harold

Anton over on the Facebook 15mm Sci-Fi group (Join today!) has previewed these awesome upcoming releases:

He writes:

Going up in the Flytrap Factory webshop over the next day! "Warfighter Epoch" cometh! I'll let you know the minute it's LIVE! 

Can't wait for these to come out!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Darkest Star Games Kickstarter - First Federation and Venturian figure tease

By Harold

Darkest Star Games have updated their (funded) kickstarter with two previews of the stretch goal infantry:

Federation Lift Infantry tease 1

Venturian Lift Infantry tease 1

Really great looking stuff!  Check out the Kickstarter and pledge today.  

Ground Zero Games new releases up on the web store.

By Harold

The Ground Zero Games new releases from the Salute show have been put up on their website.

It's quite a nice selection too!

"Crusties" mounted scouts
"Crusties"Scuttler Bugs and bug handler

CDF (Colonial Defence Force) Command and Comms
CDF with Support Weapons in field caps
CDF Light Machinegunners (SAWs) in field caps

CDF Riflemen in field caps

NSL Panzergrenadier FanBike "skimmers"
NSL Panzergrenadier Grenade Launcher teams
NSL Panzergrenadier Autocannon teams

NSL Panzergrenadier RAM Mortar teams

NSL Panzergrenadier Command and Comms

THW & Rebel Minis Hospital 911 Kickstarter New Stretch Goals

By Harold

Two Hour Wargames has a (successfully funded) kickstarter going on right now with 13 days left to go.  It is for a supplement to All Things Zombie and new miniatures from Rebel Minis.

Rebel Mike on TMP posted this:

Whoo Hoo! Ed has added some new Stretch goals to the Hospital 911 Kickstarter! Here are some of them!

Take a look at the Kickstarter for new Floor plans as well!
and don't forget to share and spread the word!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Malig Invasion

As the graphic below shows, we have been invaded by a slew of new Malig codes. There really isn't enough room to go into detail on all of the individual codes but as you can see the variety represented in this tidal wave of miniatures goodness is impressive.

For complete information and all the cool little details, head - HERE

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Podsy McPod provides another Fireteam Andromeda AAR!

AAR by Podsy McPod

Bringing Sci-Fi gaming to the roleplaying masses. An after action report of the Big Game 12.9
For a number of years my local gaming club (TableTopNorth) in Belfast has allowed me to run participation figures wargames events.  These have become known as the Big Games.  On Saturday the 5th of April I had the privilege of running the latest Big Game.

With Fireteam Andromeda being my favoured set of sci-fi rules I wanted to use them.  At first I was baffled as to how to do it.  The heart of Fireteam Andromeda is the unique and incredibly subtle command and control mechanism which allows units already activated to take extra commands, known as active commands.  In various other circumstances units can make reactive commands.  I knew most of players would not be regular figure gamers and this would confuse them so reluctantly this mechanic had to go.  Instead in each activation phase each player would be allowed to activate one unit and take it through the four potential actions.  Regrouping to recover from morale or damage effects, moving, shooting (or running for infantry and mechs) and assaulting if desired for units that did not run.  Each unit in the game would have it's own unit card giving all the required stats for the player controlling it.