Thursday, 26 March 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures posts a video tutorial: How to paint a 15mm Sci-FI Miniature

ClearHorizon Miniatures (MrHarold) writes:

Hi everyone! I have put together a video showing every step I take painting a 15mm HADES Ghost Team Sniper Operative.

I go over paint choices, brush choices and techniques.
 I hope you folks enjoy it and find it useful, please let me know if you have any feedback!
 The HADES Ghost Team Squad is available from

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ravenstar Studios: Having a have to sale. 15% off plus freebies... thats always good.


Check out all the great stuff Ravenstar Studios has to offer here.

Hey everyone , we are having a Have to Have Sale ,  we have new models in the works and this is how we pay for them. so we are having a 15% sale starting today until march 25th , until March 30th. you will also receive a free surprise gift depending on your order both in size and which line you order from. And if you have ordered from us before you know we give away a lot of stuff. so pop over to our site
 and have fun.

ok this is the Thumper. a bio-artillery Horrid $8 each 

make another box, 3 for $20 

the thumper  comes either A or B versions ,A is the solid shell , B has the split shell . 

the 3 figures are Ghast, 3 for $6. Horrid assassins

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Assault Publishing releases laser-cut modular system EDCV Labs Starter System!

Available here:

Laser-cut March 2015 special deal!

After many inquires we decided to introduce special starter set with our new laser-cut articles. ‘EDCV Labs’ special deal is very good beginning of you adventure with Assault Publishing modular system terrain!

The starter consists of the following elements:

1. 3 x 6″ corridor [LCHT-02]
2. 2 x L-section [LCHT-04]
3. 1 x short X-section [LCHT-06]
4. 1 x short T-section [LCHT-10]
5. 2 x room w/2 entries (adjacent) [LCHT-11 – note photo shows version with 4 entries]
6. 16 x blast door (6*type 4, 4*type 5, 6*type 6) [LCXD-04, LCXD-05, LCXD-06]
7. bonus “EDCV Labs” wall layers – limited only to this set!

This is limited offer valid untill end of the March 2015. You can buy EDCV Labs set in Assault Publishing store in special price of 99 EUR (these elements normally cost 120 EUR if bought separately!).

Check out the rest of their laser cut terrain here:

Monday, 23 March 2015

Brigade Models shows off fancy new infantry sculpts!


Brigade Models is showing off some awesome new infantry sculpted by Martin Baker:

Salute 2015 is now about five-and-a-half weeks away. Loads of time, aeons. That said, the show edition of Miniature Wargames has just dropped through the letterbox which reminds us that we’re getting ever closer. We’ve been planning our show releases since before Xmas, although as always we’ll be panicking up to the last minute I’m sure ! It’s time to start previewing them, which we’ll do over the coming 3-4 weeks.

The first batch of masters has arrived ready for moulding – and we have to admit to being quite excited by them. Although we have a few packs of figures in our 15mm range (some lovely PF aliens and bounty hunters, our Power Armour and some very useful tank crew) we don’t have any straightforward, ground-pounder infantry. So we’ve got together with Martin Baker and he’s sculpted us some really excellent figures, based around some 3D designed and printed weapons. These are straight out of the package that came in the post this morning, and will be off for moulding tomorrow so I haven’t had long to get them photographed. Click on the photos for larger versions if you’d like to see more.

As you can see we have a number of infantry poses, plus command, support weapons (SAW, grenade launcher and rocket launcher), snipers and heavy weapons crewmen. The gunners will be paired up with tripod mounted versions of our pintel weapons (unfortunately I didn’t have any to hand when I took the photos). They will be sold in packs of eight figures (or equivalent), although we haven’t finalised the exact contents just yet. Having these available will also allow us to create platoon packs of APCs with crew and infantry and we’ll also create complete army packs of tanks, APCs, infantry and support vehicles.

Check out more previews on their website!

ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the HADES Ghost Team

Available at:

The 15mm HADES Ghost Team has been released!

Armed with the most advanced sensor suite and suppressed weaponry the Hunter/Ambush Discreet Engagement Section (HADES) Ghost Team is able to execute a wide array of missions covertly.

Each team member also has an advanced, lightweight exo-skeleton system designed to allow for super-human capabilities.

Each team comes with nine figures each with an optional backpack and a choice of three heads.
There is a Command figure, SAW gunner, sniper and six riflemen.

Available now for $8.99 at

Check out an overview video here:

DLD Productions has launched their Kickstarter to bring their kits into plastic!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

The Kickstarter runs until Apr 21 2015:

"This is WAR!"  The 23rd century is a time of turmoil. The CMF or Coalition of Military Forces, (which is made up of the remnants of the old North Atlantic Treaty Organization), are embattled with the Opposition Forces, (which is a unified Russia and China), or OPFOR, for not only Earth domination, but space as well. CMF-held worlds and colonies fighting off hordes of OPFOR units, as they struggle to hang on to their territories. Battles with tracked, wheeled and sometimes grav tanks and APC’s become nothing more than tangled masses of wrecked metal, plastic and…..sometimes…..soldiers.

"This is WAR!" is a 15mm ground based tabletop miniatures game, using a d6 system, to simulate vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to troop and troop to troop combat in the 23rd century.

Units are chosen from Platoon and Company cards, and the models and figures are placed on the battlefield in accordance to the scenario. Units are "activated" one platoon at a time, alternating sides. Once the game has ended, victory points are tallied up from the backs of the Platoon and/or Company cards, and the winner is then determined.

This game simulates hand to hand combat with troops, and also hand to hand with vehicles. The game is fast paced and brutal.

"This is WAR!"

What we would like to see happen, is that our entire 15mm futuristic/scifi product line be switched from resin plastic injection.

Why would we want to do this? 

There are several simple reasons:

#1. Production times......production times will go WWAAYYY down! a plastic injection machine can create several sprues a minute as opposed to only one every few hours with resin…......that means, product will be made at a wicked fast rate!

#2. Ease of manufacture. That means that the finicky nature of resin materials will become a thing of the past. No more moisture contaminating resin stock and thus creating waste. No more having an improper mixture go bad, also creating waste.

#3. Cost. Once the cost of the mold has been funded,the cost of the plastic material, per sprue, will greatly reduce the cost to you. They directly relate to one another. That can get bigger more diverse armies!! And it won't cost a home remortgage!

#4. Weight. The plastics will cost less to ship, (and carry around!), so, shipping will become more of a stable platform. Instead of having to figure out if you can afford the shipping for this that and the other thing, you can concentrate on the more important things in a gianormous army in which to crush your enemies!!!!

#5. "This is WAR!" We went and decided that we need a fast paced, brutal as all get out 15mm tabletop game, featuring our OWN kits, and troops and such! So.....we did! Our great 15mm futuristic/scifi kits with a wickedly brutal game system to accompany them!!

So there you have it...5 really good reasons for this Kickstarter. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Let's make this happen, and get this ball rolling!

Support our Kickstarter!

Team DLD

The boxed game:

The "This is WAR!" boxed game will include the following:
4x sprues of CMF vehicles, (each sprue can make one of 3 different vehicles, Kamodo APC, Kamodo HFS or Kamodo TOC).
4x sprues of OPFOR vehicles, (each sprue can make one of 3 different vehicles, Type 692 APC, Type 695-FS (Fire Support), or Type 694-CP (Command Post).
2x squads of CMF troops, (16 figures in metal casting)
2x squads of OPFOR troops, (16 figures in metal casting)
64x cardstock counters
12x white d6
2x sheets of full color blast templates
2x Front/Flank templates
2x cardstock quick reference sheets
2x sheets of CMF Company/Support cards
2x sheets of OPFOR Company/Support cards
1x Unit/painting Guide and Scenario Book
1x "This is WAR!" color rulebook