Tuesday, 22 July 2014

APDS (Assault Publishing Delightful Selection) range launched!

By Harold

Assault Publishing Announces the release of their newest range!

Today I have the honour of launching Assault Publishing Delightful Selection (APDS) 15 mm miniature range. It is planned to be small, premium line of models which are designed for PMC 2640 wargame. The line starts from two sets: SF Combat Engineers and SF Observers.

The first set is ready-to-field unit for PMC 2640 which consists of 6 unique sculps: Sarge with flamethrower, two soldiers with energy weapons, one with grenade launcher, one with bolt-cutter and one charging with pistol and e-tool.

The second one is Observers set consists of six miniatures in total in 3 patterns: observer in Ghillie suit, drone controller with recon drone and cityfight-style observer. They can be used as part of your command or recon units. But it isn’t all! These Observers were designed to form perfect teams with snipers from O8 – every sniper has the observer in the same style (O8 snipers SF-1516 set is also in Assault Publishing offer).

Please note that Observers picture shows the greens and will be replaced soon.
Both sets can be purchased in Assault Publishing On-line Store only.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

ClearHorizon Minis 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter at 150%

By Harold

Hi everyone,

Our kickstarter has two weeks to go and is already at 150%!

We've already unlocked the first three stretch goals, and only two to go!

Check out our kickstarter for more info:


Thanks for looking!

Uplifting Battlefield Additions

Adder Combat Lifters Released

The Ion Age's wonderful line of Adder Combat Lifters vehicles (IAF036A-D has hit general release. Four variants of the vehicle exist with a fifth model representing a SmashedAdder (IAF038). While created fro the Ion Age universe, these vehicles have enough grit to fit into just about any science fiction battle field. 

For full info on these wonderfully detailed vehicles, head over - HERE

And while you are there, do not forget about July's special miniature - Female Adventurer. Like those have come before, this figure will be included free with any order through the end of July and is also available for order for those of you who want more than one. 

For more details, read - HERE

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Get Wasted

Wasteland That Is!

New PostApocalyptic Denizens From 15mm.co.uk

15mm.co.uk has added to their existing range of figures suitable for wasteland gaming. This time around it's eight new figures representing leader/command types and special weapons/support figures. These figures all have a ragged, desperate look about them that is perfect for many themes from post-apocalyptic survivors, mutant future denizens or even science fiction renegades and scavengers.

For more details go - HERE

HOF18 Post Apocalyptic Command

HOF19 Post Apocalyptic Support

Friday, 11 July 2014

Nox-ious New Releases

New Nox for The Ion Age

As if the Nox weren't cool enough in their last release, these new, upgunned Nox just blow me away. IAF052 are armed with plasma rifles, they come in five different poses and make quite the menacing unit on the battlefield. They are available in a pack of five or in single poses and there are special discounts for purchasing multiple packs. For more info, read - HERE 

And while we are at it, don't forget July's special miniature...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

ClearHorizon Minis: Kickstarter Epsilon Squad Updates!

By Harold

Hi everyone! We have an update for the ClearHorizon Miniatures 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter.  The sculptor has started on the remaining poses for the Epsilon Exoskeleton armored Human combat squad.

Here are remaining poses for the Epsilon Squads:

Also, these will also all have a choice of three separate heads.

We have 26 days to go and are at 82%!

If we get up to $2000 everyone gets an extra squad for free and the remaining stretch goals allow us to produce heavy weapon squads and some more surprises as well!

Kickstarter Link Here: