Friday, 11 November 2011

New Releases This Week

We already showed you preview pics of Brigade Models' new Mudd Eisley-style dwellings.  Tony has made them available for sale this week:

Meanwhile, Khurasan Miniatures has reinforced the Federal Army with a few new items.  The infantry forces receive the Smart Mortar Army Team and the Medical Diorama, and the DIMOG Walkers receive a conversion kit to make these beauties:

We also showed you preview pics of Ravenstar Studios' upcoming heavy walkers earlier this month.  Those are now available, along with a host of drone walkers and other goodies:

And finally, for all you VSF 15mm gamers, Lead Bones has added some Hard Suits and two different sizes of Alien Pods to their Pulp range.

Apologies if we missed anyone else's goodies.  What an eventful week for 15mm Sci Fi!


SATURDAY EDIT: 15mm.Co.Uk also released some Heavy Weapons for their Cultists range.  As with most of their offerings, you can buy these as single castings if you don't want a full pack.


  1. well i can safely say there is nothing there i don't want. Need to get me some of those Fox Walker Tanks...