Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ravenstar Studios going 15mm!

Chris at Ravenstar Studious has announced that he will launch his new "Land Core" range of 15mm miniatures later this year. He says that he "will mostly be making tanks, vehicles, landing and troop carriers, and of course Mechs, lots of mechs." Sounds like great news to me! Read the full announcement here.

The first minis previewed are a grav tank, an APC, a scout car and a large mech. I'm especially fond of the sinister, slightly pulpy looking mech. For some reason I can see it go well together with the Khurasan control battalion...

Ravenstar Studios is probably best known for their excellent starships (that I still haven't got around to ordering yet though!) but has made some impressive looking mecha as well.

In any case, looking forward to see what Chris has in store for us!


  1. Looks very nice:-)
    I will have to keep an eye out for the releases and I do really like the little hover jeep :-)
    Also any idea about the dark grey scenery behind that looks great:-)
    Cheers Matt

  2. the back ground peace is a Mechanical chain base from Kotobukiya, you can get then from hobby link japan. they are about $15 each has lots of detail that not in the pic, its bare at the moment.
    you can some times find them at starshipmodeler.i'll have better pics soon.

  3. Hey Chris you know me from LOTB as Avamango, i am really pleased to see that you have taken the plunge into the 15mm market, i cant wait to see what you have to tempt and offer us in the near future.....

  4. I'm guessing it's called a "Chain Base" because they can be linked together?

  5. Good for you, Chris. Welcome to 15mm!


  6. Great news! Love the mech. Looks a bit like an urbanmech with serious weapons.

  7. Thanks for the information Chris and good luck with the range.

  8. yes , you can interconnect them. they also work well with most scales.
    the mech is a old design i have that i started in 1.60th scale. then scaled it down.
    i will have a least three diffrent weapons systems for each mech.
    what your seeing is the basic version , but will come with a detail set , to deck it out.

  9. Very cool walkers - they might even work alongside the Blue Moon range. And the jeep will be great on smaller tables, which is exactly how I game.

  10. is there a forum set up some where like starship modeler or Star combat news for 15mm?

  11. I don't think there's anything as unified as that for 15mm. The closest to that is probably the 15mm section of TMP.

    Looking forward to seeing the dropships by the way! :)