Thursday 1 November 2012

Say "Hello" to Darkest Star Games

We have a new face in the universe of 15mm Science Fiction - Darkest Star Games.

This new company, run by Darby Eckles, will be centered around the ex-Adler Miniatures 6mm sci-fi range. But his plans for 15mm are quite ambitious. There are four packs of figures available now in the Colony 15 range, sculpted by the great Bob Naismith. They definitely capture the space opera feel we've seen from manufacturers like 15mm.Co.Uk and Blue Moon Manufacturing.

First up we have the Star Marauders. These are my early favorites, based just on the pictures. I've been thinking about playing Space Crusade-type games using my Blue Moon Orion Republic as Space Marines. These Star Marauders would be great not-Chaos Space Marines to counter them. They would also be good elites for a Kremlin Miniatures Cyberian Death Commandos force.

These Magravate Militia figures are interesting. Their helmets are somewhat reminiscent of certain elvish/space elvish factions we've seen over the years, but the jackets are far more conventional. I could see these as Household troopers in the Dune universe.

And finally there are two packs of Zonii Warriors: dismounted, and mounted on cool alien beasts. These are a lower-tech alien species - ideal "natives" for a more advanced faction's colony world. 

It looks like a good start to a product range. There's just enough figures in these packs for small skirmishes using Blasters & Bulkheads or USE ME or Mutants & Death Ray Guns. 

These Colony figures are just the tip of the iceberg for Darkest Star's 15mm offerings. Darby intends to upscale and release the old Adler sculpts - just take a look at the 6mm offerings to see what's in the pipe. There's also a polaceholder for a category named Spec-Sec, which is going to be an anime-inspired 15mm range. We'll keep a close eye on them to see what develops.

And, to quote Darby... 

what would any Grand Opening be without some sort of special?  It'd be pretty sad!  So, for a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any order!  How about that!



  1. Wow if he upscale the vehicles then WOW definatly some not-seen in 15mm designs especialy Kiffs and Venturians

  2. Just flicked of a little order for some Zonii and some Magravate figures so I'll let you know what they're like when they arrive.

    Eureka Miniatures' Ventaurans are very nice but, as a fan of CJ Cherryh's "Compact Space" novels, I'd love to see 15mm Kiff.

  3. I do a double-take every time I see "zonii" as I have had an insectoid race called the Zoni in my Traveller campaign since the mid-1980's - LOL.

    I do like the look of the armoured riding birds these Zonii are using, and can't wait to see them in the round.

  4. I would also love to see some 15mm Kiff miniatures they have always been a firm favorite of mine,i have always thought of them much like k9 desert nomads add a couple of Star wars Jawa Sand crawlers toys and you have the makings of quite a unique desert tribe. I also like those Star Marauders the five pictured above would make for a good looking raiding party, i hope that they produce a few more maybe another five in different poses would do it for me.

  5. I agree about the vehicles- some of those would be a must to purchase!

  6. I will order Zonii surely. They are really sweet. I hope there will be more of them soon. Not heavy weapons, just more riflemen. Those long rifles seems outdated, something between Tuaregs and StarWars Sand People.

  7. That Spec-Sec range sounds interesting! Now I just have to resist ordering some Zonii to hold me over.