Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Medics, Tomorrow Black, Sahadeen Platoons, and more

Some news and new releases from around the 15mm community:

New Releases:
HOF86 Human Medical Team
  • 15mm.Co.Uk have officially released the HOF Human Medical Team featured in this blog's last few posts. 
  • Highlander Studios has taken over sales of the Tomorrow Black sci-horror/post-apocalyptic figure range sculpted (and formerly sold) by Battle Miniatures Emporium. The Abomination Collection is available as an assorted pack of vicious-looking things, and the Death Digger is available separately.
  • Rebel Minis now offers a platoon pack of the popular Sahadeen infantry figures. Rebel's platoon packs are a great value - perfect starter packs for any new 15mm army.

News and Previews:

  • Brigade Models has been teasing us with pictures of their upcoming Neo-Soviet, Pacific Federation, and resculpted/upscaled ONESS/German vehicles, along with some additional 15mm buildings. If you aren't a regular reader of their official blog, head over there and take a look!
  • ArtCrime Productions shows us production castings of their upcoming Hadai figures.
  • Armies Army presents greens of their Kickstarter-funded Commonwealth Troopers.
  • Zombiesmith are running a 15% off sale through February 14th.

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  1. Im very impressed with what Brigade models have in the pipe line, i just got my first look at the new Neo-Soviet stuff namely the Laska tankette these inexpensive light vehicles should add a nice new twist to near future battle fields, i cant wait to get my hands on a few...