Thursday 23 May 2013

New 15mm Science Fiction From CP Models

By Eli

Attention dropship passengers. New life detected...

CP Models has just announced a new cluster of 15mm science fiction miniatures. Not normally known for their 15mm scifi fair, it seems CP has been sitting on a nice little collections of assorted sculpts from the likes of Adam Gayford and now it looks like some from PF and a few others.

SF1510 Alien Scientists With Force Globes

SF1511 Alien Guards

SF1512 Medusharks

SF1513 Alien Mutant

SF1514 Dragon

SB1501 Assault Bots

SB1502 Alien Bot

SH1501 Guman Adventurers

SD1501 Space Dwarves

SD1502 Space Dwarves With Hammers

These miniatures join the already eclectic collection of science fiction offerings, joining the likes of Space Ogres, Aliens, and space beasties. Nice additions to those looking to populate their scifi universe with more aliens armed and otherwise. 

Check them out!



  1. Thanks. I can already see some of these sculpts on the great planet of Zamazonia.

  2. SOme of those look useful. Adams work is coming on nicely.

  3. There are some very usable figures here especially for the occasional scenario or short campaign, I particularly like the Medusharks i can see them painted up in some iridescent colors. I can picture the Dragon as being a War chief to any number of lizard like alien miniature ranges out there, the Assault Bots could belong to a SWAT section of Luna police force and the Alien bot as a Bounty hunter. The Guman Adventurers will make nice character figures or perhaps a crime boss especially the big bald guy.

  4. Wow, these look amazing. The Medusharks and dragon being my favorite. The bots look like they can feature in a Ghosts of Hefei game.

  5. Wow they look excellent ! :)