Friday, 31 May 2013

Sneak Peak - ClearHorizon Miniatures Helldivers

By Eli

Hello all,

As many of you may or may not know, Dropship Horizon's own H. Crossley has dipped his toe into the pond of miniatures production. Strictly on his own and without a Kickstarter or any other sort of fundraising, he's pushed forward with a dream and already has theb all rolling quite steadily toward releasing what he calls, Federal Special Forces HEL/DIV "Helldivers".

The project starts simple enough but with a bit of a bang, in my opinion. A squad of six 15mm drop troopers and the drop pod to deploy them. With a 3D rendered and printed master model, the drop pod is a gritty mechanical bit that deploys the Helldivers fast and ready.

The troops themselves will be posed to reflect a realistic set of military poses with weapons at the ready and moving in a tactical manner. I feel the design artwork places them in a nice twilight, thematically speaking, where they could work nicely for gritty, hard scifi settings or even in more adventurous settings farther flung into the future of the cosmos.

These should be coming out in the next couple of months if all goes well and the resin model is already on its way to the caster. What's more, Harold, has more plans for the Helldivers, continuing to build them into a force that will not only make a nice commando ops team but also might very well take to the field as a force in its own right.

There is one final note as well. Harold has worked out a tie-in with the wonderful Gruntz rules by Robin Fitton. While the miniatures will certainly be usable for any system out there, but this will allow them to be put to the table easily by having stat cards and possibly scenarios ready for the Gruntz rules. Personally, I feel that any stat card can help to solidify the concept of the figures and models and can be used to morph them to any rules set.

Good to have you in the game Harold!




  1. Oh, that drop pod is especially lovely.

  2. Thanks for the article eli! I'm looking forward to getting these models released, and I've been trying to get updates as soon as possible up on the facebook, google+ and the various forums.

    If anyone has any questions please leave them and i'll get to them as quick as possible!

  3. Thanks for the post, Eli. These minis and drop pods are definitely on my shopping list, as I have told Harold, so another sneaky peak is welcome!

  4. Oooo these look nice and spangly drop pod looks ace really like the trooper concept art.

  5. I was really impressed with that drop pod. It has very crisp detail and looks great. Particularly considering it's 15mm. Very nice work.