Thursday 25 July 2013

New Terrifying Aliens From Ravenstar Studios

Adding a new element to his Land Core line of 15mm miniatures, Chris over at Ravenstar has released a veritable swarm of new resin, creepy alien goodness and it's a big swarm. Including "vehicles" various troops types and even a giant biomech, this range hits the battlefield ready to fight. Check outthe pictures below from his sight to see what this host contains.

Ravenstar Products can be ordered by email and images of other items in his line can be found at

I find these alien biofreaks to be a refreshing addition to the many aliens out there. They have a style and feel to them that is not another Giger-esque race or simply giant bugs. There is a diversity in the designs that promises to make them great fun to model, paint andp lay with, offering anyone building an army a great variety of possible troop types.



  1. A great release and wonderful contribution to the scale. Great job, Chris.


  2. There are some very nice figure/vehicles/beasties there. I do struggle with the whole concept of Aliens evolving to have gun turrets though. But that's my take on evolution and their sculptor has every right to his own ideas and need not pay any attention to the way I think, and nor should they!

  3. The top picture looks good. The link is worth going to as the images expand to a larger size..

  4. The pictures included in the post are really designed to be an overview.

    As for the aliens having turrets, I don't think thet are evolved so much as engineered. However, if you consider life forms are full of rotating sockets and hyperflexible joints, I suppose they could have evolved.


    1. As long as the appendage isn't rotating indefinitely, there's no problem maintaining a connected circulatory system etc. If you need it to spin round like a tank turret... just make the turret and "vehicle" separate specialized organisms that work together to attack enemies! With bio-weapons, the sky's the limit. And the whole concept of biologically-based projectile or energy weapons (of any useful potency) is pretty out there, but not any more so than a lot of SF stuff we all seem to readily accept :)

  5. Very cool figures, indeed! I think I'll have to pick some of these up!