Wednesday 28 August 2013

SHM Alien Civilians, Kremlin Miniatures outage, RAFM Sale

15mm.Co.Uk has added four new alien civilians to the growing SHM Range

Sculpted by Dropship Horizon's own Eli Arndt, these are perfect additions to any bustling spaceport. What I enjoy most about figures like this is their versatility - they can be great background pieces or objectives in larger force-against-force games, specialty characters in small skirmish games, or characters/NPCs in tabletop role playing games. 

SHM Range - Starport Denizens III

From left to right, we have a Varlish Envoy (a good diplomat/clerical figure), a Nimuan Orator (ideal for a public speaker, singer, or even an alien news correspondent), a second Burgansian (complete with float disc), and a Tandapash musician. These figures are available in the new 8-figure blister Starport Denizens III, and each can be purchased as a single casting on the SHM Science Fiction page.

*     *     *     *     *

It was brought to our attention that Kremlin Miniatures experienced a brief web outage this week, and we received some questions about whether they were still in business. Well, I have good, bad, and more good news about them. First bit of good news... They are still operating, so we are still able to get our hands on the figures in that great little range. 

Cyberian Death Commandos

The bad news? Their casting machine is temporarily out of commission, so it will be a few months before they are able to start casting and shipping again. The second bit of good news? Russ was able to get the store back online, so you can once again see all the packs the entire 15mm Power Spike line

Rising Sun MANITOU

So send them an email if you're interested in ordering sometime in the near future... a few advance orders might help Kremlin become fully operational. I can always use a few more Rising Sun MANITOU - still one of my favorite 15mm mini-mech/landmate suits. 

*     *     *     *     *

Quite a few 15mm Science Fiction wargamers were introduced to the scale through the original Traveller figures... and  many of us still use them as the basis of comparison for today's figures. It's no surprise - most of the old sculpts still hold up quite well today. RAFM did a great job arranging them into logical figure packs when they took over the range - very useful for grabbing tons of civilians, pirates, crewmen, etc. in a single purchase. 

So for fans of that range (I still love the old "bucket head" marines) - or anyone who just wants to see what the fuss is all about - RAFM is holding a 35% off sale through 31 August.

Space Vixens
The sale doesn't just apply to the ex-Traveller figures. It covers the entire store - including original 15mm figures and vehicles like the alien Insolani, and the 28mm USX drones (which have no details betraying their scale).

So head on over to RAFM's web store and enjoy the sale.


  1. Thanks for posting this update Chris.

    Nice to see you back in action.

    This latest batch of SHM from me includes two of my favorite sculpts the Nimuan Orator and the Tandapesh Musician.

    The Nimuan and based on a drawing by my daughter and so is a very special design. Other than refining the details, the alien is rendered as she drew him. The race even carries a name based on her own.

    The Tandapesh Muscician was an attempt to sculpt a miniatures with more props built into the sculpt. He really goes along well with the Vergan Musician to form a little band.


    1. Fun stuff as usual! You really give these guys a lot of character.

    2. These are four excellent miniatures. Lots of fun and really unique. Good job Eli!

      As for the band. I did not think of this but it would they play the Cantina song?


  2. Hello Chris,

    Thanks. Excellent round of what is going on this week. Traveller and Laserburn miniatures go well together and many people have told me that Laserburn got them started and it seems the same for those in the USA with Traveller. Certainly the new resin Flit Car and Hover Van are going down well.