Friday, 4 July 2014

New Adder Combat Lifters

As if the Adder Combat Cars weren't cool enough, they are now coming in a hovering lift format. The early supporter offer (ESO) for these vehicles is live, allowing you to get some great deals. 

IAF036A Red Adder Combat Lifter (Mini-Gun Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036B Yellow Adder Fire Support Lifter (Missile Pod Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036C Black Adder Punch Lifter (Rail Gun Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036D Orange Adder Combat Lifter (Hermit Grenade Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF038 Smashed Adder Lifter (Hover Destroyed Vehicle) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)

There is even a damaged vehicle version that is useful for an objective marker or just plain terrain.

For full details, go to - HERE


  1. Having helped paint my brother's 15mm Battlefront Wehrmacht, I can attest that wrecked vehicle objectives are just super fun to paint. I'm not sure why, but they're even more fun than non-wrecked vehicles.

    1. We also have been very nicely suprised by the number of wargamers who have asked for and then gotten the Smashed, Cratered and Wreaked versions we put out of the Hab Domes, Adder, Skylark and so on. Thanks for mentioning this.