Friday, 25 March 2016

SLAP Miniatures Kickstarter update

The SLAP Miniatures kickstarter is entering its last leg now. The latest update has more pictures and news of freebies...

GDF Update 6 - All the sculptings been done! And freebies?

Hi everyone,
Incredibly pleased to say that I've finally managed to finish sculpting all of the specialists!
Rather exciting, as we're on track for getting the figures into a mould next month and with any luck cast as well. Fingers crossed.
Here they are, all the specialists;

And Comms troopers rear shot;

And a group shot of all 60 GDF Rifleman and specialists, an impressive sight even if I say so myself! (A little blurry though, will try to take a better shot later.)

With regards to concept sketches, I hope you can all appreciate it was important to get the figures produced and ready for casting first and foremost. Although going forward I will endeavour to put pen to paper to show you plans for future figures.

What about these freebies you spoke of?
As a way of showing my gratitude for you all joining in on the GDF kickstarter (beyond a life time discount code for the SLAP Miniatures webstore) I'll be sure to purchase an extra few sets of soldiers in order to break them up and give everyone a couple of extra troopers or so. I'll also include some of the surplus weapon sprues that were used to make the GDF. So something for the converters out there who'd like to tinker with some of their existing collections. 
That's all for now. Looking forward to providing further updates showing photos of the moulds and models being packed up for shipping.
Kind regards
Stuart Powley
The Kickstarter can be found at the other end of this link:

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