Friday, 10 February 2012

Armies Army Near-future Line available

Miniature from Armies ArmyThe process that leads from pushing putty around to popping lead figures out of moulds can be a lengthy one. And then sometimes it can seem almost ridiculously short.

Earlier this year I spotted a post on TMP by a chap talking about some near-future 15mm Science Fiction figures he was planning on making. It wasn't too long before he posted pictures of some greens, such as the fine fellow above, who is part of this group below:

Whether a helmet, or a mask, there was a slight hint of the Nort troopers sometimes depicted in the the old 2000AD comic strip, Rogue Trooper. There's a real Twilight 2000, near-future, mid-tech vibe about these guys - they are both familiar and unfamiliar - which makes them just that little bit different from other near-future figure lines currently on offer.

At the beginning of February, Keith was able to advise that he had received the first test figures from his first production mould.

And then, at the beginning of this week, Armies Army announced the opening of the webstore for pre-orders. At £3.50 for a pack of ten figures, these seem like very good value for money, and scale well with Khurasan Miniatures and Ground Zero Games figures. Keith already has plans for support weapons and HQ figures to expand the range.

I should point out that all the photos used in this article have been shamelessly swiped from Armies Army's blog. Chris has just received some sample figs though, so once he does his painting-magic-thing, we should be able to show some different angles and give a more comprehensive review. Anyway, check out Armies Army blog and see if these are the near-future figure line you have been looking for. Orders can be placed at the email address available on the blogsite.

- David


  1. I can't wait to order some of these!

  2. thanks all, Ive had a lot of help!

    I really appreciate the support and feedback. I'm also happy to take any suggestions/ideas all your viewers may have! HQ and heavy weapons to follow and then heavy infantry :)