Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Releases, releases, releases!

Sorry everyone - we fell a bit behind in the last week!

First up, we have a new addition to 15mm Sci Fi. Mega Miniatures has released a 15mm version of their Salvage Crew minis.  

The poses are a bit... retro (at least by 15mm standards), but they are very faithful reproductions of the popular 28mm range. 

Next, we have tons of new goodies from Khurasan Miniatures.

  • The long-anticipated Earthdoom range is now on the web store.  The Corsair Battle Suits and alien Intruders (pictured above) are the first of many promised releases in this range!
  • The End Times post-apocalyptic range has been updated with The Infected - transhuman savages.  Even if you're not a post-apoc player, these would be great proxies for Serenity Reavers or the creatures from Pandorum.
  • And check out the new Space Demon Great Queen (the Demon Dragon) added to the Federation Forward sci-fi range.

Gamecraft Minis has updated their range of official Tomorrow's War buildings. The Structures For The Humans series now includes a variety of really cool elevated walkways and a raised landing platform.  And a second faction, the Marshborn Crusties, now have their own elevated gantries and multi-story buildings.

Brigade Models is steadily upscaling their vehicle range to fit with most current 15mm figures.  The M-83 Curtis Hover Tank (pictured above) adds some heavy firepower to the American Republic.

And finally, Combat Wombat has added a range of building accessories and street furniture.  These bits are becoming quite popular - excellent for converting electrical boxes, plastic storage containers, or even card/foamcore buildings.

As always - apologies to anyone I missed!



  1. I don't care about Marshborn Crusties, but those buildings look great.

  2. Thanks for the update, some I knew about but others I did not!

  3. Yes, some stylish alien buildings are never a bad idea. They'd even make decent vaguely Asian-looking human habs for a Firefly-style game :)

    As for the Combat Wombat bits... brilliant! All the little details that are a hassle to scratch build, but really make a box look like a building.

  4. Thanks for the update on the figures.