Thursday, 2 June 2011

Please Return Your Seats to the Upright Position

I began my journey in 15mm Sci Fi with Laserburn miniatures back in the 1970's and it seems fitting to put the skids down on my final post with some eye candy from who are the proud custodians of the Laserburn range today.

First up let's introduce you to 'Butch and Sundance', two of Alex & Gavin's new 'close combat' Draco warriors.

I absolutely adore these minis. They drip with personality. Perfect to be player characters in their own right. If they are sold as singles I urge you to buy them. And of course they don't come alone.

There are four 'close combat' Dracos in total, including the splendid 'Big Daddy' in the centre of the photo. This beast is 12mm across the shoulders and stands 25mm claw to cranium. His smaller brethren are 20mm high. Imagine these unleashed on an unsuspecting starship crew!

The HOF 'Retained Knights' are not new. But they were the only 'other' human range of 15mm Sci Fi minis available in the UK for many years. And you know, I am kicking myself I never bought them back then. These are surprisingly good minis and the castings simply blow me away.  For High Sci Fi/Space Opera Marines with all the style of an F1 Ferrari - these guys are fan-bloodytastic. Yeah I know there's some standy abouty poses but these guys weren't sculpted this year, or last or even ten years ago. You don't even need to paint these guys - ink them and throw them on the table! These are my new House Atreides troops. Even just inked like this they look magnificently "these are not the droids we are looking for" in the deserts of Mudd Eisely.

There's something about the gothic Zidhethat is different to the usual offerings. Painted up they could make really good Harkonnens.  I can see them as desert or ice planet warriors, a warrior brotherhood or post apocalypse  scavengers. Not the best in 15mm Sci Fi but plenty of potential especially as you know who proxies.

The Zidhe Jetbike. Easy to write-off as an armoured croissant from the pics on the website. actually a very nice, very different model. The driver is a mini masterpiece and makes for a great general or high priest. A few of these bikes as 'collateral' on the streets of Mudd Eisley wouldn't go amiss.

And finally my happy band of Travellers.....

Now, I previously mentioned Eli's new galactic greeblies that are available now from's SHM range. The guy on the right has a son of Yoda and Obi-Wan thing going on but  the rest are actually quite cool. The gesticulating 'Horsani' on the left is 20mm tall and has a bird-like appearance. He is festooned with packs and pouches and for all intents and purposes is the archetypal Traveller, if not human. His pal to the right, a 'Burgansian' is 12mm tall and sits on a grav dish/chair. He has a Slitheen appearance and again is bursting with character. Moving onto the 'Vergan', umm different. It's hard to know what to say. These three in fact all four could be found drinking in the Mudd Eisley Cantina. But the Horsani, Burgansian and Vergan make a really appealing set of non-human adventurers who would take your games so far out of the box  you'd be in orbit!

The thing about the SHM Range, which I want to leave you with, is that Alex and Gavin of have given each and every one of you, of us, the gift of equality. If you have one 15mm Sci Fi mini inside of you, all you need is some Greenstuff. You don't need to be a named sculptor. You don't need to produce a range, or even make a mould. You can just sculpt and you have every chance that Alex and Gavin will turn your inspiration into reality.

 And on that bombshell...... 

 It's been a priviledge gentlemen!




  1. So long Mark and thanks for all the posts. Please keep the blog up even if you no longer intend to post on it. It's my favorite go-to site for 15mm sci-fi resources.

  2. She's a fine ship; sad the ride has come to an end. But, I'm looking forward to coming back to find all those important posts, links and references I'll need.

    Ciao for now amigo.

  3. It has been both a pleasure and a honor to read your blog. 'Tis a shame that you have to close it down.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for all your work. You have made a sizable impact on the 15mm market, As one of my daily blog stops, you will be missed.

    I wish you all the best!


  5. Thanks for all the fish Mark, indeed!
    I've never been a 15mm gamer (though you've tempted me sorely over the past while) but it's been great to follow the development of a new movement in gaming.
    On topic: I really like those Retained Knights (I have a few of the ~28mm versions)
    Good luck, and we'll see you over on Winter of '79

  6. I am crushed. Your blog has been one of the main inspirations for getting my juices flowing for 15mm Sci Fi. And all of the 15mm manufacturers have you to thank, at least in part, for the emergence of such a great genre as a real option for gamers.

    I will miss checking your site 3-4 times a day.

    Hope all will be well for you in the future. Game on.

  7. It's been a grand inspiration checking your blog every day! You will be missed!

  8. This site will definitely be missed. Best wishes and God Speed, sir!

  9. Thank you kindly, Mark. It's been a pleasure.

    Dropship Horizon has been a wonderful read, and I wish you all the best.

  10. I'm a latecomer, but I'll miss the updates. I hope the rest of us together can fill the vacuum and move things on in the way you have.

  11. This site and a couple of others have been the inspiration for me starting to move into 15mm, I'll really miss the fantastic updates. All the best with your other projects.

  12. Tis a shame to be sure... Thank you and all the best...

    Ps: Please do leave the site active, it's a great resource.

  13. Very sad to know you'll stop posting, really. I started my own blog after days in which I was loving every pic found on yours.

    take care,


  14. I'll miss this blog, it's charming, and part of its charm is how surprising it is. This last post is a prefect example of that. Frankly these models are all utter cack (bit of a disappointment they, of all things, are the last models you'll preview) but it's always been a marvelous thrill to read your enthusiasm for them. No other blog has come close to being this entertaining.


  15. Never commented on this blog before, but just wanted to say how much I've appreciated it. Your enthusiasm was what tipped me into doing Sci-Fi in 15mm; something I'll never regret. So, on behalf of all the other "lurkers" out there who've followed and been inspired without commenting - thank you.

  16. What can I say? Im humbled. Thanks guys.

    RBS - THANKYOU - I laughed out loud. That was just the shot in the arm I needed!

    Chris R - That means a lot.

    The blog WILL stay in place as a resource and maybe pass over to some other pilot.

    Cheers again.


  17. Hello Mark,

    It has been a real honour to speak with you and to see our miniatures on this most excellent blog. I wish you the best of health, wealth and happiness for the future.

    Dropship Horizon has indeed had a mighty impact on the 15mm scale science fiction market, you can take my word for it, I have seen hordes of miniatures out of our door due to this blog.

    Creativity is the name of the game and Mark is right some comments do make you laugh out loud especially those from whom you can't thank by name for them.

    Mark is also spot on about the SHM range. Elitist attitudes have no place in gaming, gaming for inclusion and fun. If you feel you have always wanted to create a 15mm miniature then give it a go and email me at

    Lastly thank you for the honour of making us the subject of your final ever post. I will not forget it.

    Farewell my Friend,

    Gavin Syme

  18. Hi Mark,
    i've just logged in after a few days away and i'm devastated that you're stopping the blog as selfishly it is one of my favorite places to drop by on the internet.
    I wish you all the best for your future work endeavours whichever way they go as well as a speedy resolution to your health issues.
    Your energy and enthusiasm has been infectious and you were my inspiration for starting 15mm sci fi gaming.
    The streets of Mudd Eisley will never be quite the same again.
    Take care.

  19. Thanks more re-igniting my love of sci-fi again and helping to introduce myself and others to a new scale.

    Good Hunting!


  20. Gutted, yours was one of the blogs I checked out on a daily basis. Its passing will leave a small hole in my life.

  21. Others have said most of what I'd say, so just... Thank you, I'll miss reading you daily.

  22. Thank you for all your work this site i hope still continues and which ever prusutes you do i wish you the best of luck man!

    this is a sad day in 15mm but i do thank this site for all it has done for the range and i also hope you continue too play 15mm and take good care :).

  23. -Salute-

    Thank you for all you have done. It was your blog that helped me move away from 40k into the uncharted reaches. My thanks

  24. Mark,
    I, like many no doubt, were shocked and saddened by your announcement that Dropship Horizon was to end. I found Dropship about a year ago and have gone through the old posts and looked it up almost every day since then. We've never met or talked but I feel that you've become a friend, and one that I enjoy 'touching base' with regularly.

    You have been a big inspiration to me and re-ignited my passion for 15mm sci fi. Be that through posts on painting, terrain, or general musings. For example I now have my own company of faux spartans (whatever they are - I had the New Israelis already and just like the look and the ease of painting). You've also brought me round to the attractions of the colonial / grungy end of sci fi and have a space port planned which can be used both for quick and dirty fights between local factions (to be purchased) and high tech forces (to be painted) fighting over an important piece of real estate (Maleme airfield in space ?).

    You've also introduced me to other areas, whether that is other bloggers and resources on the net, or products and companies. I, like many I suspect, have been struggling to find a good set of rules, and you have provided some good recommendations and insights. I've tried some, and purchased more.

    So thanks for all that !

    I hope the demise of Dropship is not a result of the medical issues you've mentioned and that you resolve those and continue in good health.

    Thanks again for your efforts and a wonderful blog, I for one will badly miss my regular fix of Dropship Horizon. Best wishes, good luck, and bon voyage......

    P.S. spent all day wrestling with my computer to register and sort out ability to post, just so I could let you know what you’ve meant to people like me. Also to re-echo the plea to keep the blog available as an ongoing resource and inspiration to me and others.

  25. Sorry to hear that you're stopping this fantastic blog. Good luck with your other endeavours. Cheers john a

  26. Sad to see this end, but thanks for all blog posts, and helping me find many wonderful companies and other blogs.

  27. My thoughts have largely been echoed in the previous posts. Thanks for inspiring my gaming. Wishing you all the best for the future. It's truly been a blast.....


  28. Take care! I've really enjoyed your blog and all the effort you've put into it!
    Thanks for sharing your time with us!

  29. Thank you for all the inspiration and perspiration ,your hard work helped move people into 15mm games! Everyone from ACP thanks you! We owe u a pint!

  30. Mark,

    I'm devastated that you are stopping what was, for me, the best blog on the wargames blogosphere. 15mm sci-fi will be the poorer for you absence but has been immesurably enriched by your enlightened and perceptive leadership over the last few years. Many Thanks.

    My wife commented: "that'll save about £25 a month!".....for me if I ever meet you and/or Masterchief at a show the I'll be buying the beers!


  31. Cheers Mark, loved the blog but that moderns stuff is really addictive isn't it! See you in '79!!

  32. It's a damn shame that you are no longer posting but I wish you well in your future endeavours.

  33. Its been a fantastic journey. Thanks for all the memories and good luck in whatever you choose to do next!

  34. It's been a pleasure reading your blog this last few years mate.
    Really keen to see where you go with 20mm sci-fi, there are still some accolytes out there. Come visit us at the Guild if you get a chance. Your Winter of '79 stuff will fit in just fine too.


  35. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog!

    While I have only recently found the blog it i still an excellent resource of high quality and is greatly appreciated by gamers like myself.

    I look forward to reading more of Crisis in Alcovia and coming back here from time to time :)

    Happy Gaming,


  36. Shocked and saddened by the ending of Dropship Horizon.

    But thanks for all of the hard work.

  37. Fare thee well, Mark. This will be a sorely-missed daily read.


  38. I'm going to echo what everyone else has already said. DH was easily one of my favorite blogs; always interesting, always well written, & always inspirational.
    Ironically, I've yet to make the plunge into 15mm sci-fi, since my 'Warhammer' friends are reluctant to play anything else, but I always found your blog made me want to dive right in.
    Good luck in your future endeavors, Mark. The Dropship will be sorely missed.
    Jeff (Jack of all games)

  39. Oh, gorramnit.

    Fare thee well, Sieur, and thanks for all the great work that DH represents.

  40. Thanks for your great efforts mark, I will continue to follow your other blogs, but this one will be missed, all the best with what ever you do in the future.

  41. Thank you for the info, insights and fun

    Good luck in all that you do.

    Sic Parvis Magna

  42. Thanks for all the time you devoted to this blog. You presence in the 15mm sci-fi world will be sorely missed.

    Kind regards

    Ian (aka Vulture)

  43. Dropship Horizon or how one man's work can change the (hobby) life of many others. Thanks for the ride Sir, it's been a blast. Wish you all the best for the future. I'll eagerly follow your trip in '79.

    Christian aka the bearded snot

  44. All the best, Mark, and thank you for this great blog.

  45. Thanks for such an inspiring blog, without which I would probably not have started painting again last year. I hope you truly enjoy whatever project you do next, that's what it's all about.

  46. I wish I had commented sooner...I love this blog, it is an inspiration and one that I would point people at for 15mm goodness. Good Luck, Your a man who knows where his towel is!

  47. THANKS MARK!!!! I enjoyed the ride...I lurked for the most part and didn't start posting until recently...LOL!!!

    Thanks again!

  48. Mark
    I've been keeping a watching brief on this blog for a bit now against the day when my budget allows me to enter the 15mm SF period.
    I've been impressed with the insightful, sage and objective reviews you've posted here. Well done.
    Good luck with whatever you do next!
    (from rabbitsinmybasement)

  49. Thank you. Thank you all. But it's time to draw this to a close.

    I've deliberately let the comments run in order tht manufacturers can see the passion and enthusiasm that exists for 15mm Sci Fi.

    No man is an island, and the reason we are where we are today with the hobby is not down to DH, or me, it's a reflection of the part played by each and everyone of you. Take a bow!

    Hope to see some of you on my other blogs.