Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ground Zero Games release Charger Mecha and Tomorrow's War figures

The official Tomorrow's War figures by Ground Zero Games (previewed here a few weeks ago) are now available!

DPRG Regular Army
These are still "sample packs;" the final contents will probably change as the factions are completed.  But these are still great squads for small games, or a way to perfect your painting scheme for the larger force.

Republic of Arden National Guard
Also available are the "Charger" mecha previewed at Salute.  

There are three variants of the mech, along with three weapons/accessory packs.  These are promised to be the first of several new mecha for this range. Check out this thread on TMP for some background information and assembly tips.  I'll definitely pick a few of these up!


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  1. You can see some painted examples of the new GZG Tomorrow's War figures (and some close-ups of Gamecraft's new SciFi buildings) here:

    These are just snaps taken on my desk - I'll try to get better photos up this weekend!