Saturday 25 August 2012

15mm.Co.Uk Releases USE ME Starter Set

The USE ME series of rules (especially UM001 Science Fiction) has been a huge success for 15mm.Co.Uk. Not to take away from the rules or miniatures themselves, but a major reason for that popularity is how well Gavin Syme responds to customer requests and feedback. Between his blog, the Barking Irons website, the Notables Yahoo! Group, and email conversations, he is constantly looking for ways to help serve the gaming community.

So, what did the community wanted to see from the USE ME series? A complete boxed game.

And here it is! Danger on Outpost 32 is a complete 15mm science fiction experience in one box. It includes rules, scenarios, a great assortment of miniatures, stats to use those minis in the starter scenarios, and even a pair of D6s round things out. The specific contents are:
  • The USE ME UM001 Rulebook
  • Danger on Outpost 32 - scenarios and stats for the boxed game (also available as a free PDF)
  • A force of fourteen HOF Grey Aliens
  • A team of four HOF human troops (Muster Infantry in the Ion Age setting)
  • An assortment of nine characters from the SHM range (including Eli's Prang, which is one of my favorite 15mm alien sculpts)

That's a pretty sweet deal for £20.00. It's the perfect introductory system for newcomers to 15mm Sci Fi, a nice travel set to keep alongside your primary collection, a demo game for clubs or conventions, or even a simple reinforcement for your existing figure ranges. And Gavin promises this is just the first - we can expect to see a few more boxed sets to complement the USE ME series.

Also, Gavin has a weekend surprise for the Dropship Horizon faithful. We had been emailing about the best way to debut Danger on Outpost 32, and...
I can offer them a little something though, a special code to get 10% off their order until 27th August, only on DSH.  Details below, you could put that in the posting.  The code is live as of now. 
Get 10% off your order until 27th August 2012 for readers of Dropship Horizon blog.  To get the discount put items in your cart as normal, then when finished go to the postage screen and select your region.  Then proceed to the checkout (white background on this page) and enter this code as it appears here in the Discount/Promo box – ‘ dropship ‘ .  Your total will automatically reduce by 10% on screen.  This offer is valid for use with any products on the website including USE ME, HOF, SHM ranges.
So, why are you still here? Head on over to 15mm.Co.Uk and place an order!


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  1. Thanks for the kind words Chris. You will make me blush!

    Thanks also to all your 'DropShipers' who have purchased the new boxed set with this limited offer.