Tuesday 28 August 2012

New 15mm Sci Fi from Black Cat Bases

We now welcome Black Cat Bases to the ranks of 15mm manufacturers!

Their first four releases are now available on their website. First we have a pack of three pulpy-looking robots. The left robot is around 23mm tall, to give you a hint at scale:

These are accompanied by a pack of five Future War Troopers with a nice mix of weapons.

And for you horror gamers, two packs of zombies. One set is dressed in business attire, the other in basic street clothes.

I look forward to seeing what paint schemes are devised for the first two packs. Every spaceport can use at least a few pulpy robots roaming the streets. :)



  1. Ooh, I recognise that little robot on the right. He's one of those from The Black Hole. I loved that as a kid! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078869/

  2. Are the troopers wearing gas masks or are they simians?

  3. Welcome to the Party!

    15mm Science Fiction is the most active and inspired sector of the wargaming industry.

    I for one love, Jonny 5.


  4. Ah, Johnny 5, Twiki and Vincent. A nice collection of sci-fi robots!

  5. Nice robots... That first one is not 15mm scale though I think ;)

    Now, I hate to say it, but the first batch of Z's is a bit awful. I know it's 15mm but those arms... yeesh. Not that I can sculpt for crap but I recognize excessive tubular-ness when I see it :/ The bar for sculpting quality has, I'm afraid, been raised considerably recently and there's no shortage of zombie minis out there either.

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