Monday, 21 October 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 15mm SpecOps unit, the "Hell Divers"

By Harold

Disclaimer:  Yes, this is a news posting about my own company, but they're cool miniatures, I swear!

ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Hell Divers SpecOps teams!

Federal Special Forces
5th Orbital Activities Division - Hel/Div

Each Operational Detachment - Alpha Squad Includes:
(2) Command Figures
(2) High Energy Plasma SAW Weapons
(8) Plasma Riflemen
[12 Unique Sculpts for only $10.99]

Each Operational Detachment - Bravo Squad Includes:
(1) Sniper Team (Spotter and Sniper)
(2) AT Teams (AT Trooper and Loader)
[4 Unique Sculpts and (2) Riflemen for only $4.99]

Direct Impact Vehicle - Drop Pods
and Taskforce Packs also available
The Hell Divers

Squad A and B, Bare Metal and inked

Squad A, Bare Metal and inked

Squad A, Bare Metal and inked

Squad B, the Sniper and AT teams, bare metal inked.

Available now from:


  1. No worries about promoting your own stuff. I'm pretty sure everyone knows they are yours, so why not do the post yourself. Horse's mouth and all that.

    They are excellent minis and with the drop pods, they make a fine start to your range.


  2. Good to see them Mr Harold!

    I do hope that Dropship Horizon picks up speed again. I am missing read posts about Clear Horizon, GZG, Khurasan and yes even The Ion Age and my own brands.


  3. I've been thinking about these guys quite a bit and i think that they would make really good alternatives to GZG New Israeli Armoured Infantry the natural even flowing poses just say modern Israeli Defense Force to me.