Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ion Age - October's Free Miniature

After last month's cool kneeling Retained Knight, the folks at Ion Age are releasing another free miniature. This one is particularly nifty for me, because I sculpted the conversion on it. 

Sporting his mighty bionic arm, this Retained Knight character will be included FREE with any order made on the Ion Age until the October 31st 2013. There is a limit of one per order but no limit per customer, so if you place a few orders in the month you can gather up a couple of these gents. After the month of this figure will no longer be available. While it may appear in photos for the line, it will never return to retail.

More details at the Ion Age site!




  1. I cant wait to place a order so i can get this free Retainer knight miniature, i have plans to customize him into a lesser marcher baron with his faithful companion for my own League of Graven...

    1. Hello Zac,

      Thanks for the kind words, its proving to be a popular miniature. Check out the ion age blog for the latest: http://theionageblog.blogspot.co.uk/