Sunday 17 November 2013

Last week for ClearHorizon Miniatures Pre-Order specials for light and medium attack VTOLs!

By Harold
Disclaimer: This is a post about my miniature line.  Everyone should have their own mini line, it's fun!

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to just let you all know that this is the last week that ClearHorizon Miniatures is offering pre-order specials for it's Raven-Class and Sparrowhawk-Class attack VTOLs.

*please note that these pictures are final WIPs. The Final models have been completed sanded and cleaned, if you see any weird roughness it has been taken care of.

[The Sparrowhawk and Raven next to "Standard" 15mm figures]

The Raven-Class VTOL is designed to not only carry ordinance under it's pylons and a chin mounted weapon, but a 6-strong Hell Diver team in the back. It can carry up to 14 passengers in an emergency or 3 - 6 power armor troops.

[The Raven]

[The Business end of the Raven]

The rear has a ramp that can be glued in place or hinged, and the bottom is removable if you'd like to model an interior, since the interior is hollow. It also comes with optional landing gear.

The Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL can carry a sniper team or small team on it's outside pylons and has a heavy support weapon under it's chin. It is designed for ground support or quick stealth reaction missions.

[The Sparrowhawk]

Of course, these are designed to support the Hell Divers and drop pods which are already available:

[The Hell Divers and Drop Pod]

[Bare Metal view]

[Drop Pod painted by third fate creations]

The deals are:

**Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL** *$19.99 (Normal Retail $21.99)*

**Raven 3-pack**
*$55.00 (save over $6!)*

**SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL** *$13.99 (Retail $15.99)*

**Sparrowhawk 3-pack**
*$40.00 (save over $3!)*

**Interdiction Task Force** $65.00 (Save over $5.00!)
*2x Raven-Class VTOLs
1x Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL
1x Alpha Squad Hell Divers (12)
1x Bravo Support Squad (6)

Avalible at

Each order comes with a Gruntz! Unit card to get them on the table as quick as possible!


  1. Anyone have any idea how the drop ship thruster flames were done? I showed this to a 40k buddy and he'd like to try it for some of his droppods.

    I'm guessing some sort of pin, green stuff, then overlaid with cotton/CA glue mix on the outer bits?

    1. I believe that is basically what he did, and then paint with an airbrush.