Monday, 20 October 2014

Brigades EuroFed Catroux IFV coming soon.

From Brigade Models:

Straight from Brigade towers today and one to watch out for in the near future is the EuroFed Catroux APC with planned variants which is getting up scaled from their 6mm range, I definitely want to get a couple of those chunky looking big gun turrets…. :) Zac

Another model making the move from 6mm to 15mm is the Catroux, wheeled APC of choice of the EuroFed Légion Étrangère. I've just completed the 3D modelling on the hull, wheels and the remote weapon system mount which you can see below. I might still do a bit of tweaking and add more details (in writing this post I've spotted a couple of changes I'd like to make). I've tried to retain the same detailing and style as existing EuroFed vehicles so the national resemblance is clear. Like its 6mm counterpart, it will be available with a number of other turrets from the Tassigny APC – MICV cannon turret, missile, and AA will all be available immediately, with a command variant and possibly engineering and ambulance later.

We're hoping to release it later this year – we have already ordered prints for the wheels and the remote gun so that they can be cast in metal ahead of the resin hull.

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  1. What package do you use for your 3D modelling. This looks great.