Friday, 3 October 2014

Blasting Good Offer

15% Off This Weekend from

This Saturday the long anticipated wargame show Blast-Tastic is happening in Bristol in the UK. The show is a new venture specialising in science fiction wargaming mainly in the 15mm scale. We had planned to attend the show but due to circumstances beyond our control (other meetings we had scheduled on the near thousand mile round trip pulled out on us!) we have had to cancel. This has upset us greatly so instead of attending we are extending a weekend offer instead. If you are in the UK and near enough to consider attending please do so. Here are the details of the show.

Code is: blast15

To this end we are offering a code to get 15% off any and all online orders with us valid from now until 12 Noon GMT on Monday 6th October 2014. This offer is open to all customers across the world. Since we cannot get to the show its only fair that you all benefit. This code covers all of our products from Science Fiction (15mm and 6mm scales) to Fantasy to Historical miniatures as well as army packs, rulebooks and everything else (with the exception of our paid for PDF downloads sorry!). Expand your forces, treat yourself or just pick up some samples for future consideration. This discount is ON TOP of those offers already on our Deals and Offers page.  It also is on top of the offer we make on every pack where if you BUY THREE YOU SAVE 10% already, so well worth checking it out.

Go to our website: Use the code 'blast15' as it appears here during the checkout process on page two of the process (that is after you fill your cart, proceed to checkout and then enter your payment details) on same page page as your postage choice in the DISCOUNT box and your product total will automatically reduce 15% on screen. You can learn more about promo codes on this page of our website.
We wish Mike and Blast-Tastic all the very best for this weekend.
Thanks for Reading.


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