Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ion Age on Patrol

Patrol Angis Rules Go Into Pre-Order With New Offers From The Ion Age

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce the pending release of the ion Age rules set "Patrol Angis".

Gavin (Syme) has been muttering to me about this for a long time now but never anything concrete and specific. It has been a project on his work table for as long as I have known him and to see it coming to be, in print, is an amazing thing. 

While I have no special insight into its internal workings, I do know that Patrol Angis is something new that draws on something classic - Space Opera science fiction with a strong theme and set piece universe. These are rules written for the Ion Age specifically and while there are plenty of rules sets for 15mm science fiction, few of them are designed with a particular universe in mind. This one is and that and promises to include all the elements we assume for such a work.

Gavin has released a massive blog post covering the pre-order of this product and rather than try to reprint it here, I will link to his original post. There is so much to be said about it that you really should head over - HERE

And before I forget, like I have for over two weeks now (sorry Gavin), there is a new special figure for the month of May. There is still plenty of time to pick up one of these free figures with any purchase from the Ion Age. This month's special miniatures is the Militia Drill Sergeant

As usual you will get one of these miniature free with your purchase until the end of May, 2015. You can also purchase them separately if you just want the figure or want to get extras. I personally feel this figure is a great character model in his own right and would work perfectly for some gritty space hero or villain in just about any game.

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