Thursday, 14 May 2015

News From Brigade

Brigade Models Releases Some Great 15mm

Brigade has been steadily pushing out new elements for their own 15mm universe. Admittedly I have missed a lot of it, myself and thank the folks at Brigade for sending us an email to light a fire under us.

So what's been rolling out?

A lot!

CT-1  CT-2

Control Tower both tall and short versions. These are great for space ports, military bases or even colony administration buildings. One element of the designs that particularly appeals to me is that they are detailed but also not so much so that there isn't any room for customizing or adding your own style elements to them


Great news in the return of the Athena dropship to the inventory. This flyer is almost a classic in the 15mm scifi circles and it is good to see the old bird back in circulation. 


If you like mid-tech vehicles, these new Polish rides will fit your bill quite nicely. The Sulwalska is the first in a new range and this vehicles hits the battlefield in three variants - APC, RFAC, and ATGW. Perfect for your light duty combat needs.

One of the biggest deals to come along for Brigade Models is the release of their own range of 15mm scifi infantry. This range is already pretty extensive and includes several awesome packs.

Riflemen (x8)

Support Weapons (x8)

Command (x8)

Tripode Weapon plus Crew (x2)
These come in three variants allowing - MG, Railgun, or Gatling

Combat Car Crew (x3)

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