Thursday 6 August 2015

Cool New Odds and Bobs from Brigade Models

From the Brigade Models Blog

It’s been a moderately quiet week, in which we’ve completely cleared the order queue (all orders up to midday yesterday have been despatched), the accounts have been brought up to date and the VAT sorted. I’ve also been fighting a hugely misbehaving PC – if anyone knows why a Win7 PC should keep switching itself off after a few minutes except when I disable the graphics driver, please let me know. I’ve reinstalled Windows, changed the graphics card for a new one of a completely different make (Nvidia instead of ATI), but it just turns itself off – powers down, no blue screen of death – if the graphics driver is enabled. If I run in safe mode, or just run a standard VGA driver instead of the card-specific driver, it’s fine. It’s driving me to despair…

Anyway. Onto the business of the day. I spent a sunny-ish afternoon on Wednesday assembling a small collection of 15mm bits-and-pieces for release today. The first is something we’ve been sitting on for a while, but I just haven’t had time to make/paint a few sample pieces. It’s barbed wire, or at least something that makes a good scale approximation. It’s not as lethal as the real thing and won’t spike your fingers, but looks the part at 15mm (or 20/28mm) scale. It’s supplied in 10 metre lengths, and I’ve made up some simple coiled wire barricades as an example of what can be done with it.

Next up are a couple of very useful accessory pieces – two radars, a small dish radar, and a larger rectangular one. As well as being great for buildings and bunkers, the smaller one fits the 7mm turret ring on most of our APCs and smaller vehicles, while the large one fits the 12mm turret ring on our tanks. As an example, I’ve fitted a dish radar to a Javelot scout car to create a small EW vehicle, and a larger radar to a Montsabert hull as a radar tank..

The next piece is a mini version of our existing large and small cargo containers, perfect for smaller deliveries.

Last in today’s mini feast of bits and pieces are a pair of new base types in our Fireteam bases range. Both are plain bases with no slots for figures, for guns or small vehicles. The smaller one is the same size as the rest of the bases (40x40mm top surface), while there is also a longer (60x40mm) version.

SF15-923 – Mini Container – £1.50
SF15-925 – Large Radar (x2) – £3.00
SF15-926 – Small Radar (x2) – £1.50
SF15-927 – Barbed Wire (10m) – £4.00
SF15-928 – Plain Base – £0.50
SF15-929 – Large Plain Base – £0.60


  1. Um... I assume that standard VGA = on-mobo crappy baseline video, so maybe the video card is overloading a failing power supply?

    Nice post, those are some useful accessories.

  2. My first thought was overloaded power supply.

    And those radar dishes look useful. Awfully useful.

  3. Hey guys. This is a repost from Brigade. Maybe you could post those comments on the Brigade Models blog and see if you might help him out.