Wednesday 5 August 2015

Patrol Angis AAR

Gavin at the Ion Age tuned me into a battle report for his Ion Age rules "Patrol Angis". By now most of you in 15mm scifi are familiar with the Ion Age and the universe that has been unfolding in the various releases, but the rules are new enough that there haven't been a lot of battle reports coming out. This one, from The Conflict Cornucopia blog paints a good picture of the system and the character of the rules. 

To read the battle report, follow this link - HERE

It is worth mentioning that so far I am very much liking what I. have read about the system and this AAR only reinforces those opinions. The universe and rules have some nice innovations and interesting twists while still managing to be a spiritual successor to the older school Space Opera scifi game I grew up on. In a universe that uses such terms as Chameleon Circuits, knights, and weapons with heroic names like Anvil there is little not to love in "Patrol Angis" and the whole of the Ion Age

Give it a read!

For full info on the Ion Age check out the Ion Age Blog - HERE 



  1. Thanks for putting this up Eli. I adore Space Opera and the dream of The Ion Age continues to grow and grow.


  2. Hi Eli. Just to second what Gavin said and thanks for putting up a link to my blog. I really enjoyed the game and intend to put up more reports in the future.