Friday, 11 September 2015

Knights of the Ion Age

“MkII Noblesse Powered Armour. Stopping short of actually building armour that must be piloted rather than worn the awesome Noblesse pattern is worn by Desteria Knights into the thick of battle. Fully sealed titanium alloy with an average of 27mm thickness across the body Noblesse makes use of the Chameleon Circuit and also uses the Celo 9 ultra thin layer of insta-nate ablative shell designed to shatter when impacted by enemy fire. This additional layer of protection along with paldrons of re-enforced titanium makes Noblesse three times more protective than MkV Alwite. Some Desteria fit the large Delver X jump jets to their armour while others opt for the cabled generator cells for on board energy based weapons such as the Valerin laser. All Noblesse armour features the flexible manipulator Impact Fist which can perform delicate tasks as well as smashing up to one foot of rubbacrete. Noblesse carries a built in primary weapon on one arm with large sealed ammunition reserves.”

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 21, New Glastonbury, 4321IC

We have two new 15mm scale releases this month and both of them are released today. What do we have? Well its a brand new command set for the super heavy Desteria Knights of The Ion Age and also a full platoon pack for the Desteria that includes an extra free unique miniature as well. So this month we are all about the most mighty infantry of the Prydian Army and the Marcher Barons of the Precinct. Desteria are included in Patrol Angis and short of a Duxis Battlesuit they are the toughest hombres on two legs. Read on for details.

IAF075 Desteria Lance Command Alpha
Perfect to lead your Desteria Knights into the fray we present lance command for the super heavy knights of the Ion Age. This code contains five different white metal 15mm scale poses all wearing MkII Noblesse powered armour. From left to right these are an officer with Valerin Laser Rifle and Pelleas powered Mace, communications specialist, medic with equipment, banner bearer with staff and Valerin Laser Rifle and lastly a casualty of a Desteria Knight laying face up. Each miniature is very detailed and features a crest upon its head. Desteria stand approx 24mm tall from sole of foot to top of crest. Go HERE. This code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or three packs saving 10% off list. Chose your option from the drop down menu on the page. Price per pack is 5.00GBP

IAFP03 Desteria Lance
This platoon pack gives you a full Lance (a platoon or force in Patrol Angis) of the heaviest power armoured knights the Desteria as well as a unique miniature only found in this code. Fifteen different poses of miniature which are taken from these pack codes: IAF009 Desteria Demi Alpha, IAF010 Desteria Demi Beta and IAF075 Desteria Lance Command Alpha. On top of this you get the unique miniature which is a Desteria Knight Errant armed with an Octa Powered Sword and a Hermit Plasma Rifle. This miniature is found only in this platoon pack and what is more its totally free as part of the pack. Excellent! As always this code can be bought as a pack or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 15.00GBP per pack.

Interested in the Desteria? Space Opera Knights of our far future...course you are!

You can see all of the codes for them HERE.

Information Burst!
Salutations from our only week of releases this month. The Desteria are some of my favourite models in the 15mm range. Retained Knights get the glory but its the stomping heavies that get the tough tasks clearing out stubborn resistance and wading into the hail of lead. If you have to hold the line at any cost then these are the lads for you. On other fronts the reception to the approach of Taranis continues to be very positive (despite a couple of nasty emails but hey you cannot please everyone all the time and I am always polite in replies no matter what is said) and we will be releasing the Taranis Model 40 Tracked Main Battle Tank with all of its variants in October. There will be an article showing all the pieces and giving information as well as scale shots later this month. This month IMP25 Muster 'Cutter' Trooper is free in all orders. Additionally if you have not already signed up for our Mailchimp mailing list you should (its the top right box on our blog home page and its free) as loyal IonFans who are on the list now have access to a ruddy good monthly deal only seen there). Thanks for your custom and for the kind words about our products we do appreciate it. Finally remember that by placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases and the free monthly miniature too. These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders too. 

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