Saturday, 19 September 2015

Patrol Angis: Desteria Knights Take on the Nox!

Even though we are quiet this month...Taranis tanks take up a lot of space and time...I have been working away on a scenario for Patrol Angis for future free publication on this blog. The scenario is for two players or solo and uses the Patrol Angis book and the free Khanate Empire stats booklet PDF as well. A working title of 'Big Fist Blues' sees a full lance of Desteria Knights defending a small outpost against power armoured Nox troopers trying to hold on until a Bantam Repulsar Raft can arrive to bring in back up for the knights.

These three pictures are from the early testing of the scenario. I have only penned a half dozen scenarios for this rule system so far and this one has by far the most 'points cost' as it features the super heavy warriors of the Prydian Precinct against the same for the Khanate. Lots of support grade weapons and tough nuts to crack. Desteria are worth about two and a half Retained or four to five Muster on average and to have fifteen of them in three demi's gives a lot of punch.

The added feature for the scenario is the shallow stream which moves at a fast pace. I have scenario unique rules for this suggesting the chance of a miniature being tripped, fallen, washed away while wading across. I also have scenario unique rules for determining when the Bantam will arrive as well. Great fun as it makes the Nox player press in fast and lethal.

If you are keen on seeing the final scenario in October comment here or email me on You can see the Desteria Lance here in this months release IAFP03 Desteria Lance (Platoon Pack) which has a unique extra free miniature in it. Nox are on theKhanate Empire page.

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