Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fantastic Horizons - Battle Valor Games

Battle Valor Games LLC

It is not often that I get to report a completely new, never been released before line of 15mm fantasy miniatures but today i get to do just that. Battle Valor Games just sort of popped up out of nowhere for me and when I went to their site, I expected to find a few offerings. Was I ever wrong.

Frigian War Mammoth and Crew

Battle Valor Games is a fantasy miniatures company that appears to have hit the ground, not just running but bounding. With a rules system in the works, they have several ranges of fantasy goodness well along and are adding new ranges and new packs to their existing ranges. 

Orcians Axemen with shields (35) - $23.00

Moving on past their admittedly derivative faction names, I found a range of fantasy figures that strives to present a number of options familiar and new in a style that seems cohesive and well planned. They have orcs, dwarves, elves and all the usual suspects along with plans for many others that do not quite sit in the tidy check boxes we have seen before. There seem to be a number of races of men in their plans and the Frigians (picture below) are a good example, sitting somewhere in between historical vikings and fantasy barbarians.
Frigian Swordmen with shields (35) - $23.00

Whether or not you have any interest in a new set of rules, this line of miniatures promises to have a huge variety of new figures to add to any army or to start new ones. I look forward to watching the growth of this line and to see their world expand.

To check out more pictures of released miniatures, soon to be released and upcoming faction descriptions go - HERE

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