Friday 15 April 2016

Mad Mecha Guy 15mm Flying Skiff

I have coveted several of Mad Mecha Guy's mdf creations for a while now but for various reasons my money has always been diverted elsewhere. A recent post from a Facebook friend recently alerted me to these new offerings, and at £5 (approx $7) for two, I just couldn't resist. They arrived within five days. You can't fault the speed of service.

Described as a Flying Skiff/Lighter, the 40 piece kits arrived in seperate bags, detached from the frame with no instructions. A confusing puzzle, and for one such as me with very little experience with mdf kits, a little daunting.

I needn't have worried. Comparing the pieces with the photos on the website made it very clear where everything goes. So much so, in fact, that I thought I'd put together a little guide.

The completed skiffs are 12 x 6.5 x 2cm (4.75 x 2.5 x 7/8" approx) and the pieces slot together very easily without being too tight to join or wobbling around too much. There is plenty of room for figures to be placed on deck, even for the more ham fisted among us 

I will probably add a few features such as tarps draped over the side before I paint them, but they could easily be used in game as they are.

So, the assembly guide. First, the pieces, all 40 of them:

I started with the hull. The five pieces shown create the aft section with what looks like the propulsion or exhaust opening.

All very neat so far.
The next part creates the shape of the underside to give it that boat-like hull. It took me a while to realise where the wedges go because they're hidden on the finished model. They are for fixing the sloped sides, as shown below.

The wedges. Three go along each side, but more are supplied. These fiddly parts could easily get misplaced.

The angled sides and front finish off the bottom of the skiff.

Flipping the model over, the prow section looked simple, so I did that next. (I subsequently realised what the small rectangular piece with 3 circles is for - you can see it in the first photo of all the parts just to the left of the prow. It attaches vertically on the outside of the prow. Lights, I assume.

A few more pieces make up the aft, stern or blunt end, but it follows a similar principle.

Two rails enclose the sides.

The last few parts are for the outriggers. Another small fiddly part gives the strut a more three-dimensional look before the hexagonal end plates are attached.

The finished skiff (with the rectangular lights part that I didn't know what to do with at that time!)

The models goes together very quickly; I managed to build three in just over an hour whilst taking pictures and arranging pieces for one of them.

Snap up a bargain for yourself here:

For reference purposes, the figures in the following pictures are based on UK pennies, which are a touch over 20mm, or 7/8" in diameter.


  1. Awesome stuff, and thanks for sharing! I can see many uses for these.

  2. I've couple to build myself. Bought when I ordered an Ugly Flying Barge! Now that's got a lot of bits.
    You're post will ease the skiff build tho so thanks for that. Look forward to seeing yours in a finished state.

  3. Sold it to me, plus the 28mm version should also be useful in 15mm. I've been looking at VSF weapons for them, some out there.

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