Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Khurasan Colossus - Taking Shape

Fast and dirty pic of the developing paint job on Khurasan Miniatures' Space Demon Colossus.

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Sci Fi
Space Demon Colossus

  1. Black undercoat
  2. GW Shadow Grey drybrush
  3. GW Scab Red drybrush
  4. GW Kommando Khaki/Scab Red drybrush on highlights
...and that's where I'm leaving it till the weekend when I can paint the model in daylight. You can see some dark patches at the back of the Colossus - this is where I was experimenting with painting a Scab Red 'honeycomb' camo effect with a wet brush before doing it for real. I'm going to work this pattern along the back of the carapace and possibly on the legs.


I've returned to the study several times this evening to admire how the Colossus has turned out. I'm really happy with the subtle, but as Paddy says, "menacing" tones. I was going to go full White Dwarf paint job on it, but you know - it works for me as is - will still honeycomb the carapace and I'll pop up some better photos of it skulking amongst terrain when I have some daylight.