Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Critical Mass Games - The Naga are Coming!!!

 Critical Mass Games well and truly turns the heat up this summer. June and July will see the release of the remaining Kaamados Infantry - the Agaamids, Nagas and Dracos!

Must admit that I've been waiting for the Naga since I saw the concept drawings last June and they certainly don't disappoint.

Kaamados Dominion Naga


Kaamados Dominion Agaamid

The Agaamid range will have 12 unique sculpts split over 4 packs.


 The Draco Aganath Battlesuits (the big buggers in the comparison photo below) will come in three versions: Imperator, Prisca and Maxima. These will be available individually or in a platoon pack.

There are more photos of these exciting new releases on the Critical Mass Games on the link below: For further details go to the Critical Mass Games Release Schedule.



  1. Something bugs me about these. I think it's that the bodies look completely human, and then there's this segmented head coming up over the shoulders. Looks kind of Frankenstein's monster, not like a real creature.

    Gellin' like a felon

  2. They are looking great, also can't wait for the tanks and APC's for them.