Sunday, 20 June 2010

Spacers and Dropships

It's great to see Jon at Khurasan's 15mm 'Spacecraft' (TTC2500) has made it to production. This is more my idea of what a classic Traveller Scout vessel should have looked like, and I can see many roles for it, such as armed blocade runner, "She's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs", an assault commando lander, scout, etc etc.

 Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm Sci Fi
Spacecraft: TTC2500 $69.95

An impressive model which deserves to appear as a centrepiece on many 15mm Sci Fi gaming tables at a convention near you this autumn. Jon is also doing some crew figures for this ship - I've seen the greens and they are superb! Full of character and a definite 'Must Have' pack!

Looking at the design of the Khurasan Spaceship, I feel it would also make a good alien raider for Jon's Mekanoids somewhat in the style of the reimagined Cylons from the new 2004 Battlestar Galactica. You can easily imagine the Meks landing near a colony and spilling out to destroy the biologicals or take them back to the ship for 'processing'.....

Talking of Battlestar, I still have to see the last episode.... the DVD has gotten itself lost somewhere. Overall, I found the reimagined Battlestar Galactica a bit of a curate's egg saved by a fantastic opening epsiode and great space battle special effects. Don't know about your favourite Galactica gal, Master Chef was definitely in the "Starbuck"- Katie Sackhoff camp, but mine was Lt. "Racetrack" Edmonson played by Leah Cairns.

Looking back over the last few weeks I managed to completely miss out on the Rebel Minis sale at the beginning of June. Typical eh! But my focus was understandibly elsewhere. Having played HALO 2 and 3 consecutively on the XBox I really fancied a flight of Mike's Saber Class Dropships to proxy for HALO  D-77 Pelicans. The Sabers definitely remain on the shopping list being.a good price outwith the sale and Mike also offers Ambush Alley SOG subscribers a 10% discount. Rebel's $5 anywhere in the world shipping also helps mitigate the ups and downs of the pound against the dollar.

HALO 3 provided plenty of Sci Fi gaming and buckets of inspiration for turning the HALO genre into 15mm tabletop games. Maff (Master Chef) agreed with me that HALO3 was a really enjoyable game and a superb addition to the canon. With Critical Mass Games Kaamados Naga on the near horizon I hope for some HALO inspired action later this summer. Afterall, I have plenty of GZG New Israeli Spartans itching for a good stand up fight!

Looking ahead, I have a whole heap of great stuff from Pole Bitwy to share with you over the coming week.



  1. I want Rebel Mini's dropship... I think that will be my next order!

  2. Once I'll have more storage space available (Grrr!) I'll have to make up my mind and choose between the Rebel Minis dropship and the GZG dropship... Both are very, very cool! :)

  3. I’d just like to interject here – I seem to recall Mr H being the Starbuck fan whilst I preferred Kat, Boomer...Duala and err Racetrack.

    HALO 3 was great until you got into the last stages when I got bored of the running around trying to rescue Cortana. Have to dash as I'm currently stuck in downtown Chernobyl trying to get Capt McKinnon to the RV with the helo - he should have ducked when the russki chopper went in hard.

    Oh yes - the Khurasan scout ship looks excellent - I'll get one as long as georgie osbourne doesnt frak my wargames budget completely.

  4. Oh, man, I hated that part - and loved it. That's a tough bit of the campaign.

  5. Theyre both pretty tough Shawn! The differnce is that I lost interest in HALO3 from that point - the messiness of the terrain in the episode rather annoyed me and the realisation that I'd probably have to come back the same way did it. While with CODMW I was determined to get McKinnon away and loved every minute of trying to do so. It wasnt the bad guys that was the problem, it was finding where i'd put McK down; i usually found him in the undergrowth, i think he crawled off just to be awkward.

  6. Love Khurasan's Tribal class dropship. Makes a nice marine assault lander or pirate raider. Unfortunately it's a hint for Christmas type of item on my current budget.