Saturday, 28 July 2012

Releases and Other News

Just some quickies from around the 15mm community:

  • Rebel Minis added a command pack to the Vott alien range, and released a pack of Manth ant-men - including a casualty figure!

  • Hot on the heels of reinforcements to the popular Exterminators and the long-anticipated Jasmine Foreign Throne Battalions (I'll take a closer look at those later), Khurasan Minis has released the Kestrel Gunship Mark 1. But only for a limited time. Jon felt this one ended up just a bit too close to a gunship from a popular Xbox franchise, and it will be upgraded and released later as a Mark 2.  If you like this sculpt, grab a Mark 1 before they disappear.

  • CP Models adds these Carnosaurs to their small-but-growing range.  I really love these little guys as space-opera critters.  Also, how great would these look alongside some Blue Moon Vleta Reavers?
  • And speaking of creepy critters, 15mm.Co.Uk has added this pack of Alien Flora to their HOF range.  Perfect for USE ME Post Apocalypse or Mutants & Death Ray Guns.
And some news from around the industry...
  • Old Crow Products has gone on temporary hiatus.  Jez will be quite occupied for the next year or so - working on the film adaptation of All You Need Is Kill.  It's a great read, so we're all looking forward to seeing this film!
  • Combat Wombat's "holy crap I'm on retirement leave!" sale will be ending on August 5th...
  • ...while The Scene's 20% off sale will begin on July 31st.  I've been wanting to try an "electrical-box buildings" project, and some of The Scene's building bits will be perfect for that.
  • Edit: Critical Mass Games' 20% off sale has been extended through July 31st (thanks, JBR!).


  1. Don't forget that Critical Mass Games' sale was extended to the end of July, too.

    20% off automatically at checkout, per their site.


  2. Thanks Chris!

    Good lot of releases and news on all the 15mm sci-fi goodness out there. I wish Jez the best with the 'AYNIK' movie, he is a hard working man.


  3. the flying vehicle is damn cool! love the Pokemon, too ;)