Friday, 27 July 2012

Weekend Sale at Gamecraft Minis

Need a project to distract you from the heat wave? Gamecraft Minis is having a 15% off sale this entire weekend.  

Gamecraft Minis offers official Tomorrow's War buildings in two distinct styles.  The Human Structures range has military-industrial buildings and landing pads, cargo modules, and colonial huts.  The Marshborn Crusties range has some very unique elevated buildings and walkways - useful for a variety of alien factions.

Or if you want to get away from the normal battlefield games, the 15mm Starship Interiors are pretty darn tempting...

Even the modern and historical ranges have a lot of potential.  Many of the ruins would be great in post-apocalyptic settings.  And just to try something different, I'm going to try to sci-fi up one of these walled compounds.  It will be some kind of missionary compound for my HOF Cultist figures.


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