Thursday 27 September 2012

New Pangalactic Legion from Rebel Minis

Well, look what Rebel Minis has released!

Painted by Jeff Racel
Those of you who follow PF's sculpting blog probably remember his Federation series of figures. It was a brilliant little concept (if not 100% original!) - an army of different humanoid aliens based around this core battle uniform:

He then created tons of different head sprues to create the different aliens. Here is just one of many that were shown on his blog:

PF showed us a few of the finished troopers, but the Federation posts eventually tapered off. Well, now we know what happened to them. :) Two different packs are now available on the Rebel Minis website. Here is the Pangalactic Legion Command and Heavy Weapons pack, brought to life by Jeff Racel's paintbrush:

This pack would make a wonderful team of mercenaries or starport thugs in its own right. But if you want to play on a bit larger scale, here's the Pangalactic Legion Infantry Pack (which comes with 3 each of these eight sculpts):

I must say, the production result of these figures is quite impressive. While they lack the variety of truly alien physiques found in Khurasan's Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions, the Pangalactic Legion looks like a group of tough, gritty warriors. And if you don't think there's enough variety in the Legion, Rebel Mike hinted that he would release a set of alien head sprues if there was enough demand...

For more pictures, check out Jeff Racel's gallery: link.



  1. Cool sculpts! Ordered a pack of each this morning to add to my Blue Horizon mercs

  2. I wonder how these would work with GZG heads...

  3. Vive la Légion Pangalactique!


  4. Along with Khurasan's "Jasmine Throne" line, this should give the not-Alien-Legion player a real boost. Too bad all these guys are so similar in build and body type, but mix in a few of the non-humanoid KM figures and they'd look a lot more diverse.

  5. These are some NICE Models! Good jobs to PF and Jeff! :D

  6. I would really love to see these made available with separate heads so that a uniformed fighting force could be made out of them.

  7. I would really like to see separate heads of the existing species, not so much for a unified fighting force, but so that I can have the various aliens species in different fighting poses.

    This way, I can field a fighting force of a set number of aliens species fighting as a coalition.

    Most of the alien bodies are identical, or close enough to not make a difference.


  8. Pangalactic Legion - no doubt being attacked by them is a bit like having your brains smashed in with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large, gold brick?