Sunday 4 January 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures - HADES Ghost Team Preview...

Hunter/Ambush Discrete Engagement Section (HADES) Ghost Team greens. Each 6-pack comes with a commander with a cast on head, an operative armed with a SAW, a sniper, and four operatives armed with advanced suppressed bullpup rifles.

Each troop comes with a sprue of three head choices and an optional backpack.




Coming soon!



  1. Perfect, i think i just found the Delta force for the Colonial contingent in my Aliens games, it looks as though ClearHorizon Miniatures will be getting the first of my 2015 gaming budget...I hope that they scale up well with the Khurasan Miniatures marines.

  2. Really like these!
    They are actually what I was hoping the Epsilon squad from the kickstarter was going to look like when they were first anounced.

  3. Those exo-suits look pretty snazzy. Wasn't sure 15mm would let you pull off the detail necessary, but it works great.