Thursday, 15 January 2015

Top This!

New Modular Terrain Top Mounts From The Ion Age

Hello all you dropship passengers out there,

The folks at The Ion Age have been at it again and have released a third set of op mounts for their successful modular terrain system. This new set brings five new turrets that will fit the Hab Dome, Block House, Command Dome and Tower modules. What's more, if you leave off the bottom ring, they will also fit on the landing pad, making them truly universal throughout the rangeo f terrain modules.

In my opinion, one of the really nice things about these and the other top mounts from this range is that the way they are constructed allows them to be used in other terrain setups as well. The standardized mounting sizes and the flat bottom arrangements means you can work them into your own customer terrain or even build simple mounts for them to operate as emplacement weapons.

As usual, the full details can be found at the Ion Age blog - HERE

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