Sunday 1 February 2015

DreamForge Games Presale Of Wave 3 15mm Release

Mark Mondragon of DreamForge Games is offering 25% off his existing line of products (including those tasty 15mm Leviathan Crusaders), and 20% off the newly-released 3rd Wave products, among them the 15mm scale Mortis (pictured above) and modular weapon arms (pictured below).

Items must be purchased through his store at the DreamForge Games website.

The deal is good until the 10th of February.  The full announcement is here.

To quote Mark...

I anticipate the product to arrive on or around February 10th with the fulfillment to begin on or around the 11th. Any changes or updated will be posted here, on the front page of the DreamForge-Games website.
Please Note: Your payment will be processed immediately, as all sales are on a first come first serve basis.
I will be keeping an eye on the orders as they come in and placing additional orders with the central warehouse as needed. Please allow an additional 3-15 days, depending on the date and contents of your order and the current stock level.
Your order will not be shipped until all the items in your order have been received."

Buyers outside of the US receive the same discounts, but may face higher shipping or customs charges.

For a list of international retailers that carry DreamForge products click here.  
Note that these folks won't be offering the same discounts as DreamForge's US store, but you can probably save on customs and shipping.

And now for some eye candy of the 15mm weapon arms.

Ripper Saw.
 Mauler Claw (in left or right hand configuration).
 Nova Cannon.
 Vulkan Cannon (available in left or right sides).
 Grendel Seige Cannon.

And the Beowulf Artillery Cannon.

Very nice.

On behalf of Dropship Horizon,

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