Thursday 19 February 2015

New Rides For The Ion Age

Hello all you dropship passengers out there,

This week, the folks at The Ion Age roll out (pun intended) three new wheeled vehicles to accompany their Planetary Militia releases from last week. The for wheeled Hazelwurm provides an excellent, light patrol vehicle or even a colony transport for your non-military minis use.

The six-wheeled chassis for the Colabreta comes in both a patrol and command variant, allowing it to the form the wheeled core of your Planetary militia forces or perhaps as rugged transport and survey vehicles for those of you with a bent toward galactic adventure.

I feel that all three of these vehicles combine a nice balance between space opera and believable future vehicles. It also occurs to me that painted in law enforcement colors they would not be out of place patrols the streets of a block supporting judges and other hands of justice.

As usual, you can get the full story straight from the source by heading over to the Ion Age Blog - HERE

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