Monday 23 March 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the HADES Ghost Team

Available at:

The 15mm HADES Ghost Team has been released!

Armed with the most advanced sensor suite and suppressed weaponry the Hunter/Ambush Discreet Engagement Section (HADES) Ghost Team is able to execute a wide array of missions covertly.

Each team member also has an advanced, lightweight exo-skeleton system designed to allow for super-human capabilities.

Each team comes with nine figures each with an optional backpack and a choice of three heads.
There is a Command figure, SAW gunner, sniper and six riflemen.

Available now for $8.99 at

Check out an overview video here:


  1. Looking good here Mr H! Good use of the Laserburn flit car too; looks fine in blue.


  2. I love that heavy trooper.

    You really need to find and excuse to do more of these guys. Maybe you can do some for the wings on your VTOL?