Tuesday 24 March 2015

Assault Publishing releases laser-cut modular system EDCV Labs Starter System!

Available here: http://assaultpublishing.com/?p=1862

Laser-cut March 2015 special deal!

After many inquires we decided to introduce special starter set with our new laser-cut articles. ‘EDCV Labs’ special deal is very good beginning of you adventure with Assault Publishing modular system terrain!

The starter consists of the following elements:

1. 3 x 6″ corridor [LCHT-02]
2. 2 x L-section [LCHT-04]
3. 1 x short X-section [LCHT-06]
4. 1 x short T-section [LCHT-10]
5. 2 x room w/2 entries (adjacent) [LCHT-11 – note photo shows version with 4 entries]
6. 16 x blast door (6*type 4, 4*type 5, 6*type 6) [LCXD-04, LCXD-05, LCXD-06]
7. bonus “EDCV Labs” wall layers – limited only to this set!

This is limited offer valid untill end of the March 2015. You can buy EDCV Labs set in Assault Publishing store in special price of 99 EUR (these elements normally cost 120 EUR if bought separately!).

Check out the rest of their laser cut terrain here: http://assaultpublishing.com/?p=1836


  1. This stuff looks phenomenal but I am wondering how much trouble assembly is?
    I have some MDF stuff I really liked but I've also had buildings with too many thin, fragile parts that I ended up giving up on.

  2. You need not to worry about it!
    These are made with HDF (3mm and 2mm thick) and during typical assembling and usage it's hard to damage it. I made the crash tests of the prototypes and we changed all fragile elements. The system is designed as article for players, so it's very easy to assemble and sturdy. For average modeller (like me) the solid glueing the module takes from 15 minutes (the smallest ones) to about 1,5-2 hours (the most complicated ones) and in most of the cases it is not possible to make the error. I did it without manuals which are provided in production version.

    1. Awesome. Very glad to hear that :-)

      I feel some of the kits out there are not really geared towards gaming where things need to be quick and relatively sturdy.

      Appreciate the clarifications.


  3. I'm the wargamer for many years and I know how the wargaming products should look like. :)
    The system was designed by proffesional architect, but concept, requirements and supervision were mine. I focused on the playability and practical usage of these bases starting from dimensions (40mm miniature bases fits!), durability to easy painting and assembling.