Monday 1 June 2015

Kickstarter Alert! Marine Tactical Unit - 15mm Scale Miniatures by White Dragon Miniatures

Back the Kickstarter here:


Here is a size comparison picture, they really look on the mark!

White Dragon Miniatures is running their kick starter to get their awesome 15mm infantry into production:

Welcome to our kickstarter for the 15mm Marine Tactical Unit. Taken from within our Shattered Void Universe that we have spent 3 years developing and building on. While we are working on Shattered Void, a fast-paced space dog fighting game, We wanted to explore some other areas of the universe and with what better way but some ground forces? So your first question comes to mind.....

The Marine Tactical Unit are the frontline soldiers of the Earth Exploration Fleet in the Shattered Void universe which we at White Dragon Miniatures are currently creating.
The Marines are the true boots on the ground, working with modern tech and trained in advance warfare for FIBUA (fighting in built up areas) and ship boarding actions. They operate in small teams of 6 men per section, and 18 men in a multiple. They are able to quickly improvise, adapt and overcome whatever the task issued.  

Each Multiple of marines are assigned an Armadillo Support Bot, able to carry heavy equipment without effort and also carrying one of 3 support guns (Chain cannon, Grenade Launcher and Missile Launcher). It also features a large armoured plate on one side, able to protect soldiers using it as cover in exposed areas. The armoured plate features a reactive armour shield while the Armadillo provides the squad much needed covering fire with their choice of weapon turret and finally as a resupply and communications hub.  

Finally the Proteus Frontline Battle Mech is one of the main spearhead unit available to the MTU forces. Carrying huge calibre weapons in its arms and thick armour that can with stand some severe punishment, they march across the battlefield bringing destruction and ruin to their opposition.

Along with the awesome infantry, they have a very cool mech and support unit:

It's always nice to see a new, unique, range of 15mm soldiers on the road to production and these look very nicely designed!

The Kickstarter ends on  Sun, Jun 14 2015, so check it out today!


  1. These are fantastic, especially the mean-looking marines. & the Armadillo is a nice extrapolation of already existing technology.

    1. Yeah, basically a combination Big Dog and portable mini bunker. It'd need some pretty gnarly armour to not just be a giant target, but it looks like *waves hands* reactive armour or some futuristic plate thingy.

  2. Not a big fan of the mech, there's something in his pose and proportions which doesn't seem right to me.
    The rest looks super though.

    1. Agreed, the marines look ace, but the mech just looks like its going to trip over its gun.

    2. Seconded. Mech is meh, the rest is teh coolz.

  3. The infantry is what's got me excited. That's some of the best I think I've seen in 15mm.

  4. Is the marine in the comparison picture from salute or is he a resized Kickstarter figure?