Friday 5 June 2015

Marine Tactical Unit - 15mm Scale Miniatures (UPDATE)

Painted pics from White Dragon Miniatures new Kickstarter 

Mark Stone of White Dragon Miniatures posted this pic of a painted version of one of his Marine Tactical Unit infantry alongside the massive, amazing Proteus Frontline Battle Mech. The render images of these were incredible enough, but this superbly painted example of the machine really shows it as the business.

This mecha, along with the MTU troops and their support Armadillo Support bot are part of a run away Kickstarter that promises some delightful stretch goals including an alternate Proteus with a railgun.

For more information or to join in on this awesome Kickstarter, head over - HERE.


  1. Sweet. :) I'll be sharing on my own blog as well. Thanks Eli!

  2. Very cool, the paintjob is most excellent.