Wednesday, 3 August 2016

SLAP Miniatures Space Knights Kickstarter

Launching imminently!

SLAP miniatures have advised that they will be launching another Kickstarter following their successful Global Defence Force campaign.

Slightly smaller in scope, this campaign features around 22 miniatures of the heavily armoured Space Knights, featuring a handful of very heavily armoured Paladins.

The miniatures come with seperate heads and, in some cases, separate arms/weapons. It looks there are plenty of options, with more head sculpts than body sculpts!

Keep an eye on Kickstarter, this looks like it's going to launch very soon!

Quick edit: It's live!
See here:


  1. Jump packs for the close combat knights to make them a little more mobile - maybe a stretch goal or something?

  2. I am eager to see this succeed. Not only are the models themselves awesome but separate heads is just killer for conversions to more similarly theme projects.