Sunday 22 March 2009

The Master Chef on eC3 in Future War Commander

OK Marines, Listen UP! The Master Chef here with a few words on any true Marine's least popular word: Command. Now any of you who have served with me know that there is only one command - Do What The Master Chef Tells Me To!

As we all know, however, there are also officers and worst still officers who think they know what they are doing. If that is not enough, they think that they give the orders........

So, over to Technical Sgt Name Deleted For Security Reasons to explain the wonders of the INTEGRATED COMMAND NET.......take it away Sgt, a long way away.....

ICN enables HQs and COs to exercise command functions without being on the battlefield; instead they are in orbit, in deep bunkers, anywhere where the battle ain't. Comms are presumed to be via satellite, computer net, microwave signal or similar technologies.

Only forces comprised of Advanced Tech can use it but only if the entire force is of the same tech level, otherwise the buffers wont interface the subwave on the same ghz. ;-)

You still pay for the command elements as normal plus an extra 20pts per unit (infantry base/vehicle) because they are all Independant. No, not Independants, Mr Reynolds.

Usual rules then apply except that all units can act as FO or make a recce roll - but can't do anything else that turn (non recce units do not get recce cover bonuses).

Net Overload - the chances of a command blunder can be increased to a double 5.

OK thats all for now, I'll leave it to CoB Hannam to try to explain how to jam signals on the ICN.

Stand......EASY !

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