Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Octopods arrived in the post

My Octopods have arrived from, and very nice they are too in a very Ood sort of way. Definitely worth getting for a couple of games based around a Critical Mass Games Refinery or GZG shanty town.

Looking at 20mm Moderns, I have to say that the whole thing has made me appreciate 15mm Sci Fi manufacturers more. Particularly just how easy it is to purchase the miniatures and accessories from GZG, Critical Mass Games,, Khurasan, Rebel plus others. ALL give largely unparalleled service with quick, if not near light speed turn around for orders.

Been reading Razors Edge by Hugh Bicheno on the train. Whilst not ostensibly Sci Fi, being about the Falklands conflict - turn the Falklands into a moon or mining colony, Britain and Argentina into two spacefaring powers and you simply wouldn't believe the story if it was a Sci Fi novel. Think of the landing at San Carlos as making planetfall. The best book I've read about any conflict - the egos, the posturing, the mistakes, the risks, the chances of war, the cover ups. The whole good, bad and the ugly of conflict on a world stage.

As the 20mm Polk are making it difficult for me to spend my hard won and fast disappearing earnings on their minis - time to brave the exchange rate, buy some Lhurgs from Khurasan, finish off my Wasteland Warrior ASQL2.0 army and get that third platoon of Special Assault Brigade troops before the Pound finally goes to hell in the last government handcart before it gets out sourced as well.



  1. Have you read 100 Days by Sandy Woodward - also about the Falklands. Very good. When read in conjunction with Sea Harrier over the Falklands by "Sharkey" Ward it gives a very good picture of the air war and the differing opinions and egos in the fleet too.

  2. Barking Monkey29 July 2010 at 22:23

    It always seems strange when you get a "time warp moment" reading a book. I read "Blackhawk Down" then shortly after read an account of the siege of Lucknow during the Sepoy Mutiny. The first relief expedition's fight through the streets of Lucknow reads astonishingly like the US Rangers attempt to get to the downed helicopters in Mogadishu.