Sunday, 25 July 2010

In the Pipe...... Critical Mass Games "Suits You Sir!"

Craig at Critical Mass Games, dropped this little taster into my inbox..... 15mm Protolene Ayame Assaultsuits.

Available later in the year....but available NOW are last week's new release. There are 4 Agaamid infantry packs for the Kaamados Dominion and 3 new Mercenary packs, the Astagar (snakemen), Ygs Fighters and Mercenary Drop Troops.

The Ygs Fighters are by far my favourites from the new Mercenary releases. There's just something about the figure with the helmet that makes him a great non-human intergalatic cop. The miniatures have a great deal of character and I think over and above being characters in their own right they will make good corporation mercs or starport security in games such as Mutants & Death Ray Guns.

It's difficult to know what to say about the Kaamados Dominion Agaamids Battlesuits - they break with 15mm conventionality and you know, when you put a platoon of them tightly packed in a ship's corridor (yes, I have a platoon worth), they are effectively menacing. I visualise them advancing slowly but determinedly like the Battlesuited Mondoshawan arriving at the beginning of Fifth Element.

The photo below shows the relative size of the new Agaamid minis against a Critical Mass Light Recon trooper.

Even if you have no space for an army of Agaamids in their own right, these minis could potentially provide some interesting colour and heavy firepower to any human or even alien force in the form of robotic infantry or synthetic drones.



  1. Like the Ygs, something nice about aliens who are ordinary at the same time.

    But alas as you say what can be said about those battlesuits. I'm afraid they are a miss all the way, from the "have a nice day" helmet to the Edward scissorhands mitts to the mob victim footwear.


  2. I see them as dreadnought-suited orcs, and intend to use them as such with the GZG alien mercenaries... I've been drooling over these (and their larger cousins more so) ever since I saw the concept art posted here.

  3. Really like the look of those 3 Ayame variants!
    I hope this means that Assaultsuits will eventually get more than just Cyclonic Rockets.

  4. Excellent models. Very clean, the last set are fantastic- I must paint them soon. BTW have you seen the web site when you put this address in : I was shocked and thought blogspot had died!

  5. Very much like the snakemen (not sure about the helmet on the leader though) Could be my first CM purchase-and with conversion potential.