Saturday 3 July 2010


Followers of this blog will know that I don't have a bad word to say about figures or manufacturers. If I don't like a product it generally doesn't appear on Dropship Horizon.

My order from arrived today. I am less impressed than if I'd never received them at all. The order was incomplete - no word why, no apologies for the delay, no response to my communication.

Taking the individual packs out, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had old Hotspur labels - they looked so scummy and beaten about. Certainly not new castings. Stonewall had used a flimsy padded envelope so a good number of the minis were bent at crazy angles to their base. Did they buy them at a Bring and Buy to fulfil my order?

Both the British Infantry Moving and MAWC packs show 6 figs on the website but only had 5 miniatures in each. Most annoying of all, was that half the SLR's, the defining feature of these figures, had their barrels missing - not even rolling at the bottom of the packets (still no excuse in my book).

Master Chef had a similar experience and had to pester them by phone to get his order.

Compared with the service provided by David at Britannia Miniatures plus the quality of the casting and packaging - suck!

It is a real shame that Dave Allsops legacy lies with these people.



  1. I bought some stuff of them at Falkirk and apart from the flash they were OK.
    Fear not though I am sponsoring a small range of 80s figs that might interest you.

  2. OK
    will mail you

  3. Just for the record my figs arrived a bit quicker than Marks but I had to chase them up. No damage to the figs luckily. Annoying really because I really fancy the Grenada range but compared to the insanely prompt Platoon 20 service......

    Did someone say 80s figures?

  4. Thanks Mark for your words of advice.