Saturday, 24 July 2010

In the Pipe..... 15mm Sci Fi SAS

I've been following Jason's work over at for some months now and have to say that I love his concept work for Project Slipstream.

Jason's first 15mm Sci Fi miniatures are now available as a promotional  deal - 51 British Sci Fi SAS for $25.

Get yourself over to Micropanzer and take a look. 51 SAS? Now that's an ARMY!!! I like the idea of having some dedicated futuristic British figures - these are going to be a Tomorrow's War favourite.



  1. Very cool even if they are part of the giganto weapon family of minis. I am digging some of the alien greens and the design art for some of the factions is incredibly promising.

  2. I'll definitely have to pre-order a set of these. It's like getting a complete Pig-Iron Productions army in 15mm!


  3. I have these already. I was waiting for a post before I said something. I bought a full set at our local gaming convention - Recruits - last year from Jason. They were production master castings. He's a good guy and the figs look fantastic in person. Every bit as good as anyone's out today.

  4. Jason has been excellent to deal with. I have just placed another order from him today.

    Detail is good. Customer communication is good. Postage pricing is good.